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Duragloss Tire Gloss (TG) #261

Duragloss Tire Gloss (TG) #261
Create a high gloss “wet-look” on tires and rubber!

Duragloss Tire Gloss Is a blend of siloxanes in an aerosol foam. The sprayed foam gives a durable high gloss look to tires in one application. Create a high gloss finish with this easy-on, no-mess aerosol formula.

Duragloss Tire Gloss produces a lasting gloss on rubber that both deepens the color and repels water. It contains siloxames, which are chemical compounds found in such products as cosmetics, deodorant and water-repellant windshield coatings. Siloxames repel water and therefore Duragloss Tire Gloss is able to withstand rain and moisture to keep your tires looking great.

If you like the “wow” factor of super glossy tires, you’ll like Duragloss Tire Gloss. Your tires will look have a deep, black, wet-looking shine that really complements a freshly waxed paint finish.

Duragloss Tire Gloss’s foam formula breaks clear on the tires. The foam is easier to direct than a spray so overspray is less likely. One coat is all it takes to restore, refresh and enhance tires.

Before applying Duragloss Tire Gloss, clean the tires and allow them to dry. You’ll want to clean the wheels before applying tire dressing, too. Spray a thin coat of foam on the tire. Apply multiple coats if desired.

Create a high impact, wet-looking gloss on your vehicle’s tires with Duragloss Tire Gloss.

16 oz. aerosol

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

Duragloss Tire Gloss (TG) #261
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Duragloss Tire Gloss TG #261