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Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner (AWC) #821

Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner (AWC) #821
Recommended for any type of wheel.

Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner is formulated to clean all wheels. Duragloss #821 removes brake dust, road film, oil and grease. Safe to use on all types of wheels including clear coated, painted and highly polished.

Acidic, corrosive wheel cleaners are a thing of the past. Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner is a safe cleaner for all types of wheels, including factory clear coated wheels. It cuts through grease and grime without pitting or staining the wheel surface.

Today’s clear-coated wheels are easily pitted by brake dust. Regular cleaning is the only way to preserve their factory-new appearance. Make Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner part of your weekly wash routine to protect your investment.

Highly polished metals that easily spot are no problem for Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner. Use it to clean chrome, aluminum and polished aluminum.

To use Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner, mist the wheel well and agitate lightly with a soft-bristled brush. The green Short-Handle Wheel Brush is a great option with its feather-tipped nylon bristles. Hard scrubbing is not necessary. Rinse well. Use any of Duragloss’s tire dressings to complete the look.

Use Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner as often as necessary to maintain clean wheels. Here’s a detailer’s tip: clean the wheels before washing the vehicle to avoid splashing wheel cleaner or dirty water on clean paint. Towel-dry the wheels after you’re finished washing the vehicle in order to prevent water spots.

Maintain coated, polished, and painted wheels with Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner #821.

22 oz. trigger spray

Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner (AWC) #821
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Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner (AWC) #821
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Spray and wash
December 1, 2009
Best wheel cleaner for all type of wheels. Made a 10 year old Toyota wheels, that were neglected, and made them sparkle. Brake dust is history with no scrubbing. Have not found a product that competes with the results.

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