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Blue Job Chrome Polish

Blue Job Chrome PolishTurn your pipes from blue to NEW with Blue Job! Blue Job is a high tech, high performance chrome polish that removes anything that stands in the way of the perfect, crisp shine. It removes boot scuffs, rubber marks, tarnish, and surface rust WITHOUT SCRATCHING THE CHROME!

Select motorcycle dealers were formerly the only place to find Blue Job. Its one of those hard-to-find products that, once you try it, you’re amazed that everyone doesn’t have a jar at home. (Maybe they do and they’re just not telling; “My bike is shinier than yours!”)

To keep your motorcycle’s chrome looking great between polishes, all it takes is a quick rub-down with a Blue Job Pipe Wipe. This polishing cloth is designed specifically for chrome. It will clean and shine chrome instantly!

You’ll see why Blue Job’s motto is ”Chrome so bright, you gotta wear shades!”

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