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3M Car Wash Soap 16 oz. - 39000

3M Car Wash Soap 16 oz. - 39000
Highly concentrated formula for an abundance of suds in any kind of water!

A little dab will do ya! Just an ounce of concentrated Car Wash Shampoo (about a capful) in a bucket of water will create enough bubbles to last throughout the duration of the carwash. Don’t believe in the power of bubble baths? Well, without all the suds, the chances of wash-induced swirls or scratches are greatly increased. The lubricity of the wash allows dirt particles, which would otherwise scratch the paint, to be entrapped inside slippery little bubbles and rinsed away safely leaving behind a perfectly clean finish.

3M Car Wash Shampoo is a gentle-cleansing liquid gel which will not remove wax, yet easily washes away all traces of grease, dirt and grit that have accumulated SINCE your last wax. After your wash, your car should feel as nice and slick as it did the day you waxed it. (If not, is it time for a new wax?) Car Wash Shampoo is 100% safe for all clear coats, and phosphate free! Conditioners in the formula moisturize the paint, while fighting against water spots.

This 16 oz. bottle of shampoo should yield around 15 washes. That’s roughly 50 cents per wash! Why spend a lot when you can arrive at the same result with 3M?

For best results, dispense on ounce of 3M Car Wash Shampoo into a bucket and agitate with a steady stream of fresh water to activate the suds. Thoroughly soak the entire vehicle from top to bottom to rinse away excess dirt. Using a natural sea sponge (my favorite!), a chenille or sheepskin wash mitt submerged in the sudsy water, gently wash your vehicle from top to bottom, rinsing and re-soaking your wash mitt frequently (to avoid rubbing loose dirt across the paint unnecessarily. Rinse with free flowing water, generously. Dry the entire automobile to avoid water spots from forming.

For even greater results, use 3M Perfect-It Gloss Enhancer to keep up the shine. Spray onto the wet surface during the drying process and wipe away with the water. Drying is easier and your paint is enhanced and shimmering clean!

16 oz. bottle

3M Car Wash Soap 16 oz. - 39000
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3M Car Wash Soap 16 oz. - 39000
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Mark Bee
Northern New Jersey
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fine Product.
April 28, 2014
I used this on two cars, both waxed with 3M Perfect-it liquid wax. It leaves the finish nice and clean looking, but not as glossy as some other car wash products I used. I suspect those products may leave something behind after rinsing to achieve that look. After using many products from other manufacturers the 3M are my favorite.

5 Stars

Great Product
September 8, 2012
Will not wash my car with anything else. Smells amazing and made my car look better. Helped reduce light scratches and I hadn't even waxed yet.

5 Stars

Great car wash product.
July 27, 2009
One of the best car washes I have used. Got all of the dirt off and left the car spotless. Can't go wrong with 3M products.