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Zymol Clear Auto Bathe

Zymol Clear Auto BatheThe ideal maintenance wash!

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe will make your weekly maintenance washes easier and more effective than ever before. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe has the rare ability to effectively clean your vehicle’s surfaces without removing your currently standing wax or sealant off the surface in the process. Unlike some other car wash shampoos, Zymol Clear Auto Bathe does not contain any sodium solvents that tend to breakdown the wax or sealants on your car’s surface. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe contains a special combination of nourishing oils and spun tallow soaps that will work quickly to remove troublesome dirt and grime from your car while being gentle to your vehicle’s more sensitive surfaces.

There is a time and a place for aggressive and strong car shampoos and cleaners. If the vehicle you are going to be working on is riddled with contamination and other debris, you need a cleaner that packs enough of a punch to be able to remove the tough, stubborn messes off your vehicle’s surfaces. However, if you have already gone through the daunting task of cleaning the contamination off your paint, eliminated the scratches and swirls from the surface, and applied your preferred choice of wax or sealant, the last this you want to do is risk having to spend hours waxing your car again because your car shampoo has dissolved your previous layer of wax. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe is the perfect shampoo for maintenance washes due to its gentle, but effective formula that is sure to provide a thorough clean without removing your finishing product.

The gentle nature of Zymol Clear Auto Bathe is credited to its unique formula. The formula of Zymol Clear Auto Bathe contains a blend of tallow soaps and lemon extracts, the combination of which provide enough cleaning potential to tackle the task of removing dirt, grime, and other surface contaminants if you routinely wash your car weekly. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe’s formula also contains sunflower and coconut oils that will not only ensure the gentle touch your vehicle deserves and needs, but will also increase the lubricity of the solution, creating a more scratch and swirl free washing process.

1. Fill a wash bucket equipped with a Grit Guard Insert with clean, warm water
2. Add two squirts of Zymol Clear Auto Bathe to the bucket and activate suds with a strong jet of water
3. Wet the vehicle and begin washing using a high-quality wash mitt, working from the top down
4. Wash one section at a time, rinsing thoroughly after the section is clean to prevent soap from drying on the surface.
5. Repeat until the entire vehicle is clean, then dry using a Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel

8.5 oz.


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