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What is the Longest Tire Protection out there?

One of the most, if not the most, difficult part of your car to keep clean and glossy is your tires. Your tires are constantly getting barraged with dirt, mud, tar, road grime, iron, oil, and anything else that finds its way onto the road! Because of this, many detailers find themselves having to clean and apply protection to their tires nearly every week to keep them looking nice. That constant struggle is a lot of work and you are probably looking for a way to reduce how often you have to go through all that! That begs the question...

What is the Longest Tire Protection out there?

Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating is the longest lasting tire protection on the market! Most tire dressings and gels are essentially just a jelly that you are slapping onto the surface of your tires. The reason these don't last very long is because that jelly is able to cling well to the surface and isn't durable enough to resist the elements. Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating, however, hardens into a tough shell of protection within 60 seconds of applying it to your tires! This hard shell is much more durable than any tire dressing or gel and is able to resist the damaging elements much better! On top of that, it penetrates into the pores of the tire's rubber and hardens there, giving it a strong hold on the tire that will last much longer than any other tire protection you've tried before!

In order to get the most out of Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating, you need to make sure you are properly prepping the tire's surface and using the correct products and tools to do it. Since Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating needs to penetrate into the pores of the rubber, it is vital that you make sure those pores are not already filled with gunk. Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner is the best cleaner to do the job! The gel consistency of Pinnacle Black Label Tire Cleaner will make sure it stays on the surface while you're cleaning rather than running down. The more time the cleaner spends on the surface, the more it will be able to clean! Combine that with a thorough scrubbing with the Low Profile Tire Brush and your tires will be a completely clean slate in no time!

Now that your tires are perfectly clean, it's time to apply Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat. One very important thing to know is that Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat dries to the touch in just 60 seconds. This means you need to apply an even layer to your entire tire surface in under a minute. While that may seem a little hard to do, practicing a few times using a tire gel before you clean the tire will help you fine tune your technique. Just add a little bit of Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating to a Speed Master Tire Dressing Applicator and evenly spread the product over the entire surface. With in 60 seconds, Pinnacle Black Label Tire Coating will be bonded and dry to the touch! If you want your tire to have even more shine, you can use the same method to apply multiple coats!

No more struggling to clean and protect your tire week after week! By using all the products in the Pinnacle Black Label Complete Tire Coating Kit, you can enjoy shining tires for month at a time!