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BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Coating 8 oz.

BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Coating 8 oz.Superior protection that’s able to withstand any environment

BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat is a paint coating that offers long lasting protection and a whiplash-inducing shine. Just a couple drops of this crystal clear liquid provides paint protection that is measured in years, not months. Vehicles that are coated with BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat will display a hard-as-nails, glass-like finish that protects against airborne and chemical pollutants, moisture, and UV rays.

BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat is not a wax or paint sealant. Formulated using a complex blend of quartz-based glass particles, BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat blankets your vehicle’s paint with an impermeable shell of protection that resists dirt and contaminants from building up, leaving the paint cleaner and shinier than a conventional wax or paint sealant. BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat turns head and creates whiplash for up to two years!

BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep cleanses the paint of polishing oils
First, use BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep to cleanse the paint of polishing oils, fillers, and old waxes. This step is performed after you clay and polish the vehicle to remove above and below surface contaminants.
BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat protects painted surfaces for up to two years!
Second, apply a thin bead of product onto a coating applicator and apply to painted surfaces.
BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat leaves surfaces glossy and smooth
Level high spots using a microfiber towel.
Benefits of BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Coating:
  • Easy to use
  • Glassy, reflective shine that complements all colors
  • Lasts up to two years
  • Immense water beading/sheeting
  • Self-cleaning - minimal maintenance required
  • Helps protect paintwork against wash-induced marring by providing a hard film of protection
BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Coating works on a microscopic level to create a perfectly smooth surface. Even after you’ve compounded and polished your paint to remove swirl marks, scratches, and water spots, the surface is far from perfectly smooth. The quartz-based glass particles in Crystal Coat work to fill in all the microscopic pits, pores, and valleys, leaving the finish perfectly smooth. This causes light to reflect at precisely the right angle to create a shine that is unlike any other before it. Crystal Coat turns heads and creates WHIPLASH.

If you’re a professional detailer, reap the benefits of BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat by offering it as an upsell to your customers.

Vehicles that have been coated with Crystal Coat will be easy to clean, because dirt and other contaminants will not adhere to the finish. You will be pleasantly surprised just how long your vehicle will remain clean before it actually needs to be washed again. When it does come time to wash it, we recommend using BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Conditioning Shampoo because it will gently clean the finish without leaving a film behind.

BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal Paint Coating couldn’t be any easier to apply. First, wash the vehicle using BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Conditioning Shampoo, and then clay it to remove above-surface bonded contaminants such as paint-overspray, industrial fallout, bugs, and tar. Next, polish the paint to remove any swirl marks or scratches. Once this has been completed, you need to cleanse the paint of polishing oils by using BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep. This step is key to success, because any type of polishing oils, finger prints, or other surface contaminants will prevent the coating from fully adhering to the surface.

8 oz.

BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat lasts up to 2 years!
BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat is the best paint coating for a daily driver. Mike@DedicatedPerfection detailed this beautiful Ford Focus ST and applied BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat to protect the paint for the long haul. Great work Mike!

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