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Mothers Power Wax

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Activated by the rotating action of your polisher.

Carnauba waxes have long been hailed for their warmth and glow, but synthetic waxes are definitely easier to apply and last longer. Most waxes are one or the other, leaving something to be desired no matter which you choose. To bridge the gap between beauty and efficiency, Mothers PowerWax gives you the look of a carnauba with the long-lasting protection of a synthetic.

The trick to attaining the carnauba glow without a carnauba wax is mechanical application. PowerWax is formulated to activate under the warmth and friction created by a mechanical polisher. It coats your paint in a deep, glossy layer of protection that lasts and lasts. The shine appears wetter and clearer than anything you could achieve by hand.

In addition to dramatic surface enhancement, PowerWax is powerful protection against the elements. It shields your paint from acid rain, UV rays, and pollution while maintaining its beautiful glow. The color of your vehicle will appear deeper and darker with a clean, uniform shine.

Apply PowerWax using a dual-action or orbital polisher. Use a black finessing pad when applying a wax because it will not scratch the paint. Always start slow and increase your speed gradually. Work in a small area in multiple directions. Apply a uniform coat and allow it to dry for one or two minutes. Wipe the area with a clean Cobra Microfiber Towel or a terry cloth towel. Complete instructions are found on the bottle.

For the best possible finish, use Mothers PowerPolish prior to PowerWax. It perfects your paint so that the wax coat is uniform and flawless.

A warm, carnauba glow in an easy-to-use, synthetic blend? Mothers PowerWax is the product you’ve been waiting for.

16 fl. oz.

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Mothers Power Wax