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Meguiars D157 X-Press Liquid Wax

Meguiars D157 X-Press Liquid Wax

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Wipe on, wipe off, wet or dry!

Meguiar’s X-Press Synthetic Liquid Wax is a unique blend of wax and polymer agents that produce a deep, rich gloss with lasting protection. Like any quality wax, it protects your paint from UV rays, acid rain, and environmental pollutants. But unlike many waxes, you can wipe it off immediately. There’s no need to wait for it to dry. The special polymers attach to the paint instantly and yield a beautiful shine.

X-Press Liquid Wax is clear coat safe and ideal for a body shop environment where speed counts. It’s also an excellent product for anyone that wants the look of a professional wax job without spending all afternoon achieving it. In the gallon bottle, Meguiar’s X-Press Liquid Wax is a great value. It only takes a small amount to achieve a gorgeous finish. Meguiars X-press Synthetic Liquid Wax provides high grade hydrophobic protection that lasts. Water will bead for months, letting you know that your vehicle is still protected. It can be applied to a wet or dry vehicle.

Working a 2’ x 2’ section at a time, apply product using a clean soft applicator pad, orbital or DA Polisher. Immediately wipe off with a microfiber towel; no need to let dry to a haze. Meguiars X-Press Synthetic Liquid Wax can be applied to paint, glass and chrome for durable hydrophobic protection. If time counts in your garage, depend on Meguiar’s X-Press Liquid Wax to get the job done fast and get it done right.

128 oz.

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I like it!
I have used X-Press on cars, boats, and planes with excellent results. I have never had a problem removing it after an application but I have never let it dry either. It is a spray and wipe product and used that way produces excellent results. If you do a lot of Express Details this is the product for you.
Awful !
The worst wax I have ever used. I got this stuff because of its easy on ,easy off use. Forget it. No more Maguiars for me. Back to good old Turtle Wax Ice!
hard to wipe off
shine was great. very difficult too get off, had to rewet the wax to remove it. The Vett looks great!
Same result
I'm gonna have to agree with Alex. Getting this wax off was a struggle for me :(
Easy on, NOT easy off !!!
Had tried it on 45 feet RV...new and smoooooth clearcoat...applied it (2x3 area) with "Meguir's" G110 polisher(NICE THING!!)...
it had dried like a regular wax,but when I tried to wipe it down....it stuck!! I spent about 15 minutes(!!!!) trying to buff it out with different towels(((
finaly I have to cover it with "miracle wax" and only then was able to remove it...
Tried it on 2-3 cars...same result!!! A BIG MISTAKE!!!still have almost whole gallon)))
...h-m.smells good though...)))