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GYEON Q2R Marine Vinyl Cleaner

GYEON Q2R Marine Vinyl Cleaner

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Treat your vinyl and trim the way it deserves to be!

GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner will allow you to prevent the sensitive vinyl surfaces on your boat or yacht from being ruined by the build-up of harmful substances to which they are exposed. GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner is a gentle formula that will not cause any fading or discoloration throughout the cleaning process. By using GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner regularly, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively clean dust and light dirt spots without any issues! GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner will even leave behind some anti-static properties that will prevent the future build-up of dust and light contamination!

While the majority of your boat is built to endure the harsh conditions of the water, there are parts of your boat that are vastly more sensitive to things like salty air, moisture, and other contaminants. The most sensitive of these surfaces is likely the vinyl seating on your boat. Vinyl is a wonderful water-proof material that makes for very comfortable seating, but it is very easily corroded, stained, and otherwise damaged by the hazardous conditions of the open waters! That is why you need to make sure that your vinyl is properly cleaned and protected regularly with a product like GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner.

GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner was formula to be exceptionally gentle on these sensitive surfaces. This is why GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner was formulated without the use of overly harsh cleaners or surfactants that are popular in many cleaners that you would find on the shelves. When you use GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner, you won’t have to worry about causing any discoloration or fading while you work to keep your vinyl looking its best!

Even though GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner is gentle enough to make sure that you are not ruining your seating, it is still effective at cleaning off the harmful substances that threaten your vinyl seating! GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner will be able to quickly and effectively eliminate things such as dust and light dirt spots quickly, all while leaving behind a matte, residue-free finish!

To make sure that you are not just constantly applying GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner to your boat’s surfaces, GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner has some impressive anti-static properties. This means that dirt and other similar contaminants will not have the ability to stick to the surface and steal your boat’s sheen!

GYEON Q2R VinylCleaner is also versatile enough to use as a cleaning on your plastic and trim pieces as well!

1000 mL

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GYEON Q2R Marine Vinyl Cleaner