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GYEON Q2M Cure Matte

GYEON Q2M Cure MatteExtend the life of your GYEON Matte Coating!

GYEON Q2M Cure Matte is maintenance product designed to extend the life of your GYEON Q2 Matte Coating. GYEON Q2M Cure Matte is a unique, silica-based spray sealant that is designed specifically for matte finished paints and wraps. In addition to enhancing the protection and hydrophobic features of the GYEON Q2 Matte Coating, GYEON Q2M Cure Matte can also be used as a standalone product. Your matte finish is precious – treat it right with GYEON Q2M Cure Matte!

Just like a standard paint coating or carnauba wax, proper maintenance is the key to a long lasting and successful application. Each paint coating, wax, and paint sealant have their own maintenance products, and now your GYEON Q2 Matte Coating does too – GYEON Q2M Cure Matte.

Don't have your matte wrapped or painted panel coated but still need protection? GYEON Q2M Cure Matte can be used as a standalone product providing durable protection and self-cleaning abilities. GYEON Q2M Cure Matte will increase the depth and intensity of any color without adding any gloss to the finish.

The appearance you want on a matte painted or wrapped panel is just the opposite of a standard clear coat – you don't want the shine! GYEON Q2M Cure Matte leaves a clean surface behind without the splotching and staining non-specific matte paint products may leave behind. If you have matte paint, you need GYEON Q2M Cure Matte!

Directions for use:
  • Shake well before use and ensure surface is properly cleaned.
  • Spray onto a microfiber towel and rub into surface one panel at a time.
  • Flip to dry side of your microfiber towel and buff away to a streak free finish.
  • GYEON Q2M Cure Matte can be used on wet or dry paint and will aid in drying.
  • Do not spray GYEON Q2M Cure Matte directly onto the surface.

400 ml.