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Dr. Beasley's AdvanceCoat: Matte

Dr. Beasley's AdvanceCoat: MatteGet the most out of your matte coating!

AdvanceCoat: Matte is a product the Dr. Beasley’s created to ensure that the coatings you apply to your matte surfaces last as long as possible and continues to provide the optimal level of protection. AdvanceCoat: Matte is formulated using a concentration of the same ingredients that make up your favorite Dr. Beasley’s matte coating. This concentration of ingredients will fill the gaps that inevitably form in your coating over time to ensure that it maintains a high level of protection for years to come. AdvanceCoat: Matte will reinforce the structural integrity of your coating, replenish hydrophobicity, and maintain color uniformity to keep your investment protected. Simply applying AdvanceCoat: Matte 3-4 times a year is enough to extend the lifetime of your coatings for years!

Ceramic coatings have been one of the largest leaps forward in automotive detailing since the invention of car wax. The incredible lifetime, exceptional level of protection, and severe hydrophobicity these ceramic coatings offer are second to no other finishing product available on the market today. However, just like every other finishing product you apply to your car, these ceramic coatings need to be properly maintained. Over time, ceramic coatings will eventually be worn down, albeit much more slowly than any other finishing product, and will eventually lose the amazing qualities they provide. Dr. Beasley’s kept this in mind when they created their ceramic coatings and created a product, AdvanceCoat: Matte, that is capable of repairing and maintaining the wear and tear your coatings will face as time goes on. AdvanceCoat: Matte will fill in the gaps that are worn into your coating by contaminants and hazards to keep the structural integrity that these coatings rely on to provide a high-quality level of protection.

As your coating breaks down and degrades, it loses more than just its structural integrity. Your ceramic coating will also begin to lose the ever so valuable hydrophobic qualities that many crave. AdvanceCoat: Matte contains the same ingredients that Dr. Beasley’s used to formulate their matte ceramic coatings. These ingredients will replenish the ones that eventually wear away from your ceramic coating. Once these ingredients are replaced, the even surface required to maintain that water beading and sheeting effect will likewise be restored.

Ceramic coatings, and especially ceramic coatings formulated for matte finishes, are revered for the aesthetic that they provide to your paint. All you have to do to ensure that this color uniformity that these coatings provide is maintained is apply AdvanceCoat: Matte to your coating surface 3-4 times a year. Easy!

1. Wash car with Dr. Beasley's Matte Body Wash to remove any loose debris. Dry with microfiber towel.
2. Spray AdvanceCoat: Matte on a panel.
3. Using a clean microfiber towel, lightly buff surface. Avoid using pressure.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each coated panel.

4 oz.

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