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Dr. Beasley's Matte Film Coating Kit

Dr. Beasley's Matte Film Coating Kit Provide permanent protection!

The Matte Film Coating Kit is an incredible money-saving kit that will give you the ability to apply a coating to your matte protective film without having to scramble last minute to get all the supplies you need to do so. This Matte Film Coating will provide an extremely durable, and best of all permanent, layer of protection that will protect your matte protective film from UV rays, micro-marring and etching, and liquids in general. The Matte Film Coating prep ensures that your coating is able to adhere to the surface of your film properly by eliminating minor contaminants, oils, and residues that would otherwise prevent the coating from bonding to your film. The applicator block and suede towels that come in this kit were made specially to apply coatings evenly and thinly to ensure the maximum lifetime of your coating.

Dr. Beasley's Matte Film Coating Kit includes:

Matte Film Coating
Many people don’t think about the need to apply a protective product to your protective film, but protective films are susceptible to damage from a wide range of hazards. This damage will greatly reduce not only the protective qualities of your film, but will also cause your film to yellow and fade, affecting the look of your vehicle as a whole. The only reason to apply a matte film on your car instead of a standard film is for the aesthetic of the matte finish. If you are going to let things like UV rays, marring, and water-spots ruin that matte finish, there is no point to your film at all. The Matte Film Coating will prevent these three extremely factors from robbing your matte film of it satin beauty. The Matte Film Coating will not prevent your films self-healing capabilities that other ceramic coatings are prone to do. This coating is formulated to maintain a certain level of elasticity and flexibility that provides your film the space it needs to be able to self-heal. Cleaning your film will never be easier due to the superhydrophobic qualities it will provide to your protective film.

Matte Film Coating Prep
Nano ceramic coatings like the coating in this kit are quite temperamental and have to be applied under the perfect conditions to work effectively. This Matte Film Coating Prep will remove the residues and oils from your film surface that will prevent the coating from properly adhering to your film.

Foam Block Applicator
These applicators provide a sturdy and pliable base that will ensure that the Nano-Resin Pro is applied thinly and evenly.

Suede Cloths
These cloths are incredible soft to apply Nano-Resin Pro without marring the surface of your paint in the process. The nap on the cloths is shallow enough to ensure that the coating is kept on the surface of the towel to ensure the coating is applied properly and that the coating is used as efficiently as possible.

Kit Included:
1 1-oz. Matte Film Coating
1 2-oz. Matte Film Coating Prep
1 Foam Block Applicator
2 Suede Cloths