Car Wash Buckets..

Are you looking for a durable car wash bucket that helps reduce the risk of car wash induced swirls and scratches?

We offer a wide selection of swirl-preventing car wash buckets with patented Grit Guard technology that offer solutions to problems often associated with the traditional car wash bucket. Our complete wash systems help your washing tools stay clean by trapping dirt in the bottom of the bucket, away from the mitt! Keeping your mitt free of dirt greatly reduces the risk of swirls or scratches while washing your car.

If you really want to take your hand car wash to the next level, wash your car using the "Two Bucket Method". This involves using two car wash buckets, each with Grit Guards. Some enthusiasts place two Grit Guards into each bucket for even more protection against dirt and grime! The first bucket is filled with clean water and the second bucket is filled with your favorite car wash shampoo. Dunk your mitt into the soapy car wash solution first to wash your car with lubricating suds and then dunk the mitt vigorously into the bucket with clear water to rinse the mitt thoroughly. Using two buckets equipped with Grit Guards virtually eliminates the risk of transferring dirt back onto your paint!

Washing your car by hand, with the proper car wash tools and techniques, is the safest way to avoid washing induced swirls and scratches. A professional car wash bucket is an important tool in your detailing arsenal.