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Meguiars Duo-Fiber Glass Super Towel

Meguiars Duo-Fiber Glass Super Towel
Soft cotton and absorbent microfiber make one outstanding towel!

Cotton terry cloth towels have been used in automotive care since the birth of the automobile. It’s soft and nonabrasive qualites makes it great for cleaning and drying any surface. But cotton falls short in the absorbency category. Microfiber was developed as a more absorbent alternative that would clean just as safely as cotton. Meguiar’s has seen the rise and fall of cotton towels, and they couldn’t give up on them just yet. They created the Duo-Fiber Glass Super Towel to combine the best qualities of both towels.

The Duo-Fiber is perfect for cleaning and drying glass. The cross-weave construction traps water and glass cleaner within the towel to prevent streaks. The cotton fibers make the towel surprisingly soft so that it does not scratch glass or paint. While the cotton fibers gently polish the surface, the microfiber traps dust or dirt with its static charge. Mist your automotive glass with a small amount of your favorite glass cleaner for the best results. The towel does not need to be very wet. If you are drying glass, the towel is large enough to dry all of your automotive glass without wringing it out. It measures a full 2 square feet!

The Duo-Fiber Glass Super Towel lives up to its name! The towel cleans and dries better than terry cloth and as well as a premium microfiber. The addition of the cotton also makes this towel a great buy. Cotton is less expensive than the synthetic fibers and its presence allows Meguiar’s to use fewer synthetic fibers in manufacturing the towel. Those savings are passed on to you!

Meguiars Duo-Fiber Glass Super Towel
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Meguiars Duo-Fiber Glass Super Towel