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Wurth Rost Off Extra

Wurth Rost Off Extra
Break through rust to unlock corroded metal hardware.

The main ingredient in Wurth Rost Off Extra is PTFE. This versatile plastic was invented in 1938, and is more commonly called by its Dupont brand name Teflon, though many companies have variations of PTFE. Among its many properties, PTFE is incredibly durable, does not age, resists water, has low friction, and is slippery. All of these things make it the perfect lubricant for rusted screws, nuts, hinges, and any other corroded hardware.

Lubricant —not silicon - is the driving force behind the penetrating power of Wurth Rost Off Extra. It easily penetrates rust, breaking it down to free up nuts, bolts, and locks that have seemingly quit working. Don’t spin your wheels with other products that can’t perform. Rost Off quickly gets to the source and releases immovable parts and restores them to working condition.

Use it to prevent corrosion before it happens. PTFE coats metal and prevents future corrosion while maintaining a low-friction surface for the next time you need to move or remove a piece of hardware. Wurth Rost Off Extra saves production, maintenance, and repair time—ultimately money. Rost Off is ideal for refrigeration equipment, automobiles, workshops, airplanes, and boats. Don’t waste effort when Rost Off will do the work.

This aerosol contains no CFC’s or ozone-depleting chemicals. Non-flammable.

To loosen rusted hardware, hold container four to eight inches from surface and spray area. Allow Rost Off to penetrate.

19 oz. aerosol. Product of Germany.

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

Wurth Rost Off Extra
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Wurth Rost Off Extra