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Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt

Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt
Four-finger wool mitt makes wheel cleaning effortless!

Make messy wheel cleaner splatter a thing of the past and clean your wheels with the Wool Wheel Washing Mitt by Lake Country! This rugged mitt is constructed of 100% Australian wool that features a thick, dense pile that makes it an effective tool for cleaning dirty and neglected wheels. Pair the Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt with your favorite wheel cleaner and say goodbye to brake dust and road grime!

The Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt makes wheel cleaning easy!Wheel cleaning is one of the most tedious aspects of car care, especially when you’re not equipped with the proper tools and cleaners. If your vehicle’s wheels have an intricate, multi-spoke design you’re well aware of how laborious cleaning them can be. Conventional wheel brushes take too long and often throw splatter up on your face and clothing. Forgo the mess and clean your wheels in half the time with the Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt!

The Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt was designed to clean both the face of the wheel and in between the spokes. Four fingers comfortably fit inside the lambskin-lined wool mitt, protecting your hands and knuckles while providing maximum control as you clean. The thick, densely packed 100% Australian wool is safe for all wheel finishes including scratch-sensitive clear coated wheels.

  1. Always work on wheels that are cool to the touch. It is recommended to only clean one wheel at a time.
  2. Spray your wheel cleaner of choice all over the wheel and allow to dwell (follow manufacturer's recommendations)
  3. Dunk Wool Wheel Washing Mitt into bucket of soapy water and begin cleaning.
  4. Thoroughly rinse wheel after cleaning and towel dry.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each wheel.
Tech Tip: Sparkling clean wheels start with quality tools and a safe, pH-balanced wheel cleaner. We’ve found the Speed Master Wheel Brush to be the perfect compliment to the Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt. The Speed Master Wheel Brush (and Junior) cleans the wheel barrel, behind the spokes and in between the brake caliper while the Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt cleans the face of the wheel and in between the spokes. Pair this combo with a high-quality, non-acidic wheel cleaner like Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate and your wheels will look better than new after each cleaning. Protect the wheels and minimize brake dust build up by applying two coats of Detailer's Wheel Glaze once every 3-4 months. This high-gloss polymer wheel sealant will help repel brake dust while giving your wheels a glossy, slick finish.

Thoroughly rinse the mitt out after each use and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash.

Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt
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Lake Country Wool Wheel Washing Mitt
4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Gilbert, Arizona
3 Stars

Bleeds all over your hands!
January 2, 2015
Works as descriped however one little bleeds black color all over your hands. Was very difficult to wash off. After a few showers was finally able to get it all off! 2nd time I used it I wore a pair of rubber gloves and no issues
Gets in those hard to reach areas
Bleeds black all over your hands.

Rich B.
5 Stars

September 6, 2013
Let me first start off by saying that I despise cleaning wheels - HATE IT! These handy mitts make cleaning in between spokes quick and easy. I recommend rinsing them out before using them the first time because they will bleed black dye a little. Regarding the smell, that only happens when you don't wring them out or if they're stored in a wet bucket. Well worth the $10

5 Stars

Excellent wash mitt for wheels
July 11, 2013
This mitt is great for cleaning the front of the wheel. I'm not a brush guy myself so the mitt is a huge time saver. The reviewer above is correct about the black dye, bu that's only after using the wash mitt the first time. After that it doesn't bleed any color. Construction is what you would expect from Lake Country, and that's top notch. I can quickly and confidently clean the wheels on my M3 with this mitt. Two thumbs up!

2 Stars

Turns fingers Black
July 7, 2013
Concept of this wash mitt is great but... When wet, it is often hard to find the opening of the mitt to re-insert your fingers.. Turned my fingers black with the dye used to make the mitt black. Very hard to clean your fingers afterwards. Have to turn it inside out to dry otherwise the skin inside starts to smell.