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Wheel Wax

Wheel Wax
Wheel Wax cleans, polishes and protects in one step!

Wheel Wax is the only wax for wheels. It is easy to apply, dries to a haze and buffs to a high shine. Wheel Wax changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel brake dust particles. Wheel Wax leaves an unbelievably smooth shine on your wheels that brake dust and moisture can't penetrate. This protective coating also makes cleaning your wheels a snap next time you wash your wheels. Don't just clean your wheels, clean and protect them in one step with Wheel Wax!

How to Use Wheel Wax Properly:

Wheel Wax actually has a great cleaner in the formula which allows you to clean off brake dust and apply the great Wheel Wax protective shine in one easy step. Simply rub Wheel Wax directly on each dirty wheel and let it dry to a haze. Usually by the time you have applied Wheel Wax to all four wheels you can go back to the first one and buff it to a high shine.

Wheel Wax works on all chrome, aluminum and stainless appearance pieces on your car. Don't just polish, protect with Wheel Wax!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Wheel Wax safe for my clear coated wheels and how is Wheel Wax different from other wheel polish? Yes, Wheel Wax is clear coat safe and has a clear coat sealer to protect from cracking. Wheel Wax is not a polish, it is a cleaner and wax that is formulated with space age polymers and resins, heat resistant sealant and carnuba wax, which provides the ultimate protection for wheels.

How do you apply Wheel Wax? Apply Wheel Wax directly to your brake dust covered, cool and dry wheels When applying Wheel Wax, use liberally and spread evenly, let dry to a haze and then remove with a soft cotton towel or applicator. We recommend applying Wheel Wax to all wheels and then buffing the first wheel.

Will I still have to polish my wheels? Wheel Wax will at least extend time in between wheel polishing and may elimate the need to polish your wheels. Wheel Wax has been formulated to add a protective barrier to wheels, which will repel harmful brake dust and road contaminates.

How often do I need to apply? Clean your wheels with Wheel Wax when they look dirty. You will notice that the time between cleanings increases as you continue to use Wheel Wax. If any other chemical, high pH soap or automatic car wash is used, then Wheel Wax should be applied again.

I live in the Snow Belt. Will Wheel Wax protect my wheels against road salt and harsh winter road chemicals? Yes, Wheel Wax is designed to help combat these harsh conditions. Keep in mind, whenever road salts contact your wheels you should clean them as soon as posible to keep your wheels looking great.

How long will Wheel Wax last? Wheel Wax was formulated to last longer on wheels then any other product on the market, however, the lasting power of Wheel Wax will depend on how often the wheels are cleaned, and what product is used to clean the wheels. To extend the life of Wheel Wax, clean your wheels only with pH balanced car shampoo and reapply Wheel Wax weekly.

Is Wheel Wax safe for my Billet Aluminum wheels? Absolutely, Wheel Wax will pamper your expensive wheels with natural moisturizers and oils designed specially for wheels such as Billet Aluminum and will providing the ultimate protection for your wheels. The application process for polished aluminum is slightly different. Just apply Wheel Wax to your polished aluminum or billet wheels and buff to a high shine. It is not necessary to let Wheel Wax dry on polished aluminum to get the ultimate protection for your wheels. Extending drying time on polished wheels may require more work to remove the haze. Buff off quickly for best results.

Should I apply Wheel Wax to my new wheels? Yes, the sooner you start with Wheel Wax protective treatments the longer your wheels will stay in new condition.

After applying Wheel Wax how do I clean my wheels? Clean your wheels every week with Wheel Wax. In many cases you may only need to use a soft, damp, cotton towel to get the best results.


Jay Mercer writes: Your product is wonderful, not only does it give the wheels on my LX470 a "brand new Look", but it almost completely eliminates brake dust buildup....Terific stuff!!

Paul MacLeod of MA writes: Jeff Orlinsky at WheelDynamics in Natick, MA recommended WheelWax to me for my alloys. I must say that the brake dust is much less than before the product was applied! I will continue to use your fine product and of course, will spread the word about it!! Keep up the good work.

Mark Hochstein writes: The product workes well. I just got this BMW and was appalled at how quickly the wheel blackened. I've never owned a car that shed this much brake dust. WheelWax has cut the dust accumulation by about 50%. Thanks a lot!

Ron Winer from New York writes: I was shocked that you apply WheelWax to dirty brake dust covered wheels and the dust dissolves. There is no doubt that the WheelWax application results in better-than-new appearance on my BMW 530i & seems to repel the brake dust.

Richard Kirkpatrick writes, I'm impressed!! Saw it advertised on SPEEDCHANNEL. Amazing product. I've got low dusting Raebestos QS pads on my 98 CORVETTE. This product makes the wheel surface feel like glass, and the dusting problem is about completely eliminated. THANK YOU!!


Wheel Wax
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Wheel Wax
4.5 Stars based on 27 Review(s)
Prattville, AL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very Good
November 22, 2015
As much as I hate doing rims, yet they look good when you polish them up. I tried this product. Went on with ease and came off with ease as long as you don`t put to much on thick. The rims look great. Very nice shine. When they do get dirty which it would be hard to notice. Just rinse with a hose or wait till it rains.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wheel Wax
April 18, 2015
A great product at a reasonable price.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wheel wax appears to work on chrome wheels
April 9, 2015
The product went on easily and came off quickly. I did not have a hard time wiping it off as stated in other reviews. I have 20'' chrome wheels and they look great. I think it kind of smells like bananas so it don't overwhelm the senses.
Ease of use and great shine

joel norgaard
bunkhouse rd
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 2, 2015

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Easy Application and removal
February 25, 2015
The product is certainly making it easier to clean my alloy wheels. The Brake Dust is not sticking to the rims as before

Athens, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome! Awesome!
February 16, 2015
I love my chrome to shine and sparkle so I've tried many different chrome polishes over the years and I had always come back to Mothers brand. I now have a new favorite! I didn't buy it so much to repel break dust, I have a lifted Silverado, on 35" tires, so I've never noticed that as a problem. I do however have awesome XD chrome wheels and the slightest water sprinkles leaves icky spots and runs. With other chrome polishes it seemed they were a 1 to 2 wash shine then I'd have to reapply and Polish again. This wheel wax after 2 washes with a brush on the wheels they shined like NEW! Spray them with water and it looks like you just spent hours polishing your wheels!
Easy to use Long lasting shine

charlotte, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 27, 2015
goes on easy... Brilliant shine
great smell... Soft and easy to apply
doesnt apply itself

Jan Francis
Sun Lakes, AZ
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wheel Wax application
December 25, 2014
I applied by hand. Easy to apply, really have to rub hard and continually to remove. It says to apply twice to reduce front brake dust. I did this & did not seem to make any difference to my wheels on my 2009 128i BMW.

Monterey Peninsula, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Clean wheels!
December 17, 2014
I first tried Wheel Wax as a sample from Autogeek. I am really impressed with how long it's kept my alloys looking clean after 3 months. I'm in a mild climate area, so we don't get snow or salt on the roads. But no brake dust has built up at all.
Keeps alloys clean far longer than just washing. No brake dust built up after 3 months! Easy to apply & wipe off. A little goes a long way.
None so far.

Sevierville Tn.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Product!
December 17, 2014
I have been using Wheel Wax for years after trying so many other wheel products. This remains to be the best!
Long lasting, great shine, and easy to use.

Washington DC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A little goes a long way
November 21, 2014
This wax was easy to remove. I allowed it to dry 1 hour and it came off with little effort. The rims have a great shine to them.
Easy to remove. A little goes a long way.

Springfield, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best I've used
October 4, 2014
Easy to apply, a little goes along way, easy to remove, the result is better than any other product I've used. I need my Cadillac to look its best always & this product delivers a great shine, long-lasting and really easy to use.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product - easy to apply and works great
September 4, 2014
I applied this wax to my alloy wheels and the brake dust seems to slide right off. Noticeable difference

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Brake dust almost falls off
June 5, 2014
Wheel Wax leaves a very smooth, slick surface that makes the removal of brake dust about as easy as dusting. I've tried other products and after a year I noticed very tiny signs of pitting on the chrome wheels. Wheel Wax provided a much slicker surface than the other products which leads me to believe the brake dust doesn't stand a chance.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Glides on and off
May 22, 2014
It has been on for a couple of days now and so far still working.
great smell, easy to use
None known yet.

Details Car Spa
5 Stars

If applied right its top notch
April 14, 2012
I read a lot of bad reviews and I thought I could make it work from the issues they described. I bought it and tried it and it works great! The secret it so apply on cool and clean rims out of the sun. You use a small amount and buff it dry. DON'T LET DRY TO A HAZE OR CAN BE HARD TO REMOVE. If you do it this way it comes off wowo(wipe on wipe off) and looks great. It doesn't stop a lot of brake dust but it retains more shine and can make the rim look cleaner then it is. Makes cleaning the rims next time very easy. I can get up to a month of life out of the product on average in the Fl sun.

Jon V.W.
2 Stars

Not worth it
September 27, 2011
This stuff is very difficult to remove. I doubt it changes the polarity of the wheels to repel brake dust. No change in brake dust. It really doesn't seem to last very long. I use the same paint sealant I use for the paint. Has the same effect without having to buy 2 products and it is easy to apply and lasts much longer.

1 Stars

Good for nothing
August 18, 2011
Extremely difficult remove, like an hour for 4 wheels, makes no difference, the break dust is on the wheels on the next day

5 Stars

Love it!!!
June 8, 2010
I use this stuff for my Mini Cooper S, because of all the brake dust! it works!!! I apply it with my bare hands and massage it into the metal and wipe clean! this stuff smells great!!!! makes cleaning wheels easy!! you gotta get it!!!

Kevin P
5 Stars

It Works!
September 20, 2008
Like many other BMW owners I was tired of trying to clean all that graphite-rich brake dust off of my wheels. After giving them a thorough cleaning, I applied a coat of this to all the wheels and buffed it off, which was no easy task. Buffing it off dry is a pain in the ass, so I used a little S&W to help get off the residue. It doesn't seem to affect the wax because my wheels clean with ease now. Even though they still dust as much as before, it's much easier to get the dust off now. Thanks Wheel Wax

Shawn B
5 Stars

April 3, 2008
This stuff is amazing!! Add to your cart now!

J R Walter
5 Stars

June 28, 2007
It works! I suggest applying a light coat and removing the product from the wheel as soon as it dries. If it dries too long...while you're applying to the other three wheels for's tough to get off. Wheels are an investment, and this product will help you care for that investment. A little time applying and wiping off the product can make an enormous difference when it comes to protecting your wheels. Besides, this stuff makes them look great!

4 Stars

Works well!
February 1, 2007
Works very well and lasts for at least a couple of months at full strength, but is an absolute pain in the ass to apply. I put it on thick and let it haze for half an hour and then rub it off. Takes me just over an hour to rub off all four wheels.

5 Stars

great product
January 7, 2007
wish i would of found this stuff along time ago .cleaned &protected my factory wheels very well

5 Stars

"The Best"
April 27, 2006
Easy to use, works great! This stuff will save you some time if you battle brake dust!!

Harold Donaldson
5 Stars

April 11, 2006
wheel wax is an amazing product it does a terrific jog and cleaning easier the next time around

5 Stars

April 7, 2006
This is an easy product to apply and the results are superior to anything I'm used. I highly recommend this Wheel Wax, if you love your wheels and want excellent protection.