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Wurth Tar Remover

Wurth Tar Remover
Works wonders against tar, bug residue, street asphalt and road grime!

Once your car leaves the garage or parking lot, its underside will be faced with some of the toughest contaminants this side of Mt. Vesuvius. Sticky tar, bug remains, stubborn asphalt and gritty grime that are kicked up onto our car’s underside and lower panels sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. Never fear! Industrial strength Wurth Tar Remover easily disintegrates foul under-panel baked-on dirt from lacquer, chrome and fiberglass surfaces. It breaks the bonds that cement complex molecules to your car’s surface, and allows them to be safely removed.

Keep even sap and grease from accumulating and damaging your paint. Not any old cleaner will do—try Europe’s #1 Tar Remover.

To use:
Holding can eight inches from the surface spray a generous amount, or apply to a cloth and apply by hand. Let the formula do its work for a few minutes. You’ll see the contaminants begin to dissolve. Wipe clean. Rinse completely. (If you’ve used a cloth, rinse completely.) Always, follow an application of Tar remover with a paint sealant or wax, otherwise your surface will be unprotected and vulnerable to the detrimental effects of the elements and pollutants.

Don’t waste your time and money on products that only claim to do the same. Don’t trust your paint and other surfaces to chemicals that may permanently harm. Trust the tried-and-true name of Wurth.

10.1 oz. aerosol can - Manufactured in Germany.

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

Wurth Tar Remover
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Wurth Tar Remover