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SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer
Restore a SONAX shine any time!

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer gently removes light contamination and restores a just-waxed shine to all paint finishes. This thick formula provides a deep shine plus added paint protection and water repellency. Use SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer any time to improve paint's luster and slickness.

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer is the maintenance product you've been waiting for to complete the SONAX series. It revives the shine of SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax or any other existing paint protection. This product has the consistency similar to a spray wax and leaves a very slick, reflective finish. It offers performance, convenience, and a dynamite shine!

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer cleans lightly soiled paint without scratching. Because this product is thick by quick detailer standards, be sure to spread it evenly over the paint with your microfiber towel. Flip the towel often as you wipe off for the best results.

Use SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer any time on any type of paint.

750 ml (25.36 fl oz)

Made in Germany.

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer
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SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Queens, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product!!
April 7, 2014
Is your LSP dying or not as hydrophobic as you would like no need to worry Sonax BSD is here for you. This stuff lasts weeks all by itself and beads like no other detailer I have ever seen. It does spray in more of stream and you need to spread it. I use it as a drying aid hit the towel with a few sprays and each panel with 2 or 3 on hood or roof. It smells great as well kind of like coconut.
Produces great shine Super hydrophobic
Price maybe?? But well worth it for the results it produces.

5 Stars

Excellent protection
August 11, 2013
Slightly thicker than other spray detailers I have used, and a little more expensive. Produces an excellent shine/water beading effect (smells good too!). I have read this product was designed to boost the longevity of the Sonax Polymer Net Shield, either way I feel it is an exceptional product.

3 Stars

Mixed feelings
February 4, 2012
Sonax has been a great line of products since being released for US consumption. Each product I have tried (almost all of the ones offered) has stood up well to comparisons and has a different look feel and final results compared to the generic mix of similar products being offered by competing US manufacturers. With that said, I tried this spray detailer and was left with very mixed feelings and results. This was not what I am used to from a quick detailer. First off its a very thick emulsion. tough to produce a fine spray. Comes out of the sprayer in more of a stream. Once on the paint, it seems as if the product is oily and is slow to evaporate. Even with fresh absorbent towels the product llikes to push around a lot and I dont get the feel of it disappearing into the paint. You have to be very careful to remove all of the product. While wiping up the product wet, oddly enough it wlipes up to a very rubbery type feeling. The opposite of slick. The towel feels like its dragging on the paint. I used a few different towels to be sure to rule out bad conditions when applying and removing this product and absolutely sure that the rubbery feel and NON-slickness is a behavior of the product and not the conditions in which its being used. I know the formula states that it has high lubricity to reduce chance's of scratch's , but once wiped up I cant help but feel opposite of that considering how grabby the product is. What the product did leave though was a very nice shiny finish and was super water resistant. I feel that this product offers very good protection from elements. most likely more-so than you traditional quick detailer. Which probably explains the weird consistency and removal of the product. I opened up the top of the bottle to check out the consistency of the product and poured some into water and the two were not eager to mix up. they were repelling each other. To compare I pulled out my Sonax High Speed wax after and with one spray was super pleased with how great that product is compared to there new detailer. If I was to make a suggestion on a Sonax Spray detailer, I would tell you to try out there spray wax, which has a sealant and carnuba emulsion mix, and is simple to use and offers excellent beading and durability as well. It also feels more lubricated and wipes up in a flash with ZERO need to search from every angle for streaks. Hope this review helps. Its a different product for sure, and maybe some testing on your own with dictate whether you would like it or not. Its definitly not your average detailer , so give it a try.