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Sheepskin Wash Pad

Sheepskin Wash Pad
Soft and gentle on all finishes.

The Sheepskin Wash Pad has all the softness of a sheepskin wash mitt, but you don't have to wear it. For those detailers who don't like to wear a wet mitt, the pad provides the same gentle cleansing for your vehicle in a large wash pad. The Sheepskin Wash Pad is made of high quality sheepskin that pampers paintwork and releases dirt.

Natural sheepskin is soft, plush, and nonabrasive. It absorbs a large amount of soapy water to provide outstanding lubrication to prevent wash-induced scratches. The plush nature of the sheepskin allows gritty particles to move into the thick fibers and away from the paint.

For the best results, rinse out the Sheepskin Wash Pad in a bucket of clean water before reloading it with soapy water. This step will release dirt so it is not transferred back to the paint.

Always use a high quality car wash to protect the paint while you wash. After you wash your vehicle, rinse the Sheepskin Wash Pad out well and hang to dry.

The Sheepskin Wash Mitt is 100% genuine wool. It's one of the most gentle and trusted materials available for car washing. Trust the Sheepskin Wash Mitt to pamper your vehicle with every wash.

8 x 8 inches

Sheepskin Wash Pad

Sheepskin Wash Pad is gentle on all paint finishes.

The Sheepskin Wash Pad holds a large amount of soapy
water to lubricate the the paint while washing.

Sheepskin Wash Pad
Item #: GS-PAD
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Sheepskin Wash Pad
3.5 Stars based on 10 Review(s)
KC Detailing
2 Stars

Not so much...
May 24, 2012
As the owner of a Kansas City auto detailing company, I make it a point to try out a lot of products on a regular basis. As far as this mitt goes. Liked it at first but then it started to shed like crazy. Also, if you leave them wet for to long at all, they just start falling apart. Look elsewhere.

5 Stars

super soft
March 24, 2012
I like these wash pads a lot. They are the softest sheepskin wash mitt that I have. I normally use PFC sheepkin mitts with and without the thumb. Those are excellent and very durable, but the AG wash pad is softer. I now use both, on the most delicate parts of the car. Durability is fair as long as you take care of them correctly. Unlike other wool tools, you should not brush these out after a couple use's. Just wash them off then blot them dry with a towel and let them air dry the rest of the way. I use two and dedicate one for the upper half and one for the lower half and be careful with them during the drying stage and they last me until I decide to replace them with a new one. I use them for about 6 wash's then rotate a new one into the mix.

5 Stars

March 8, 2012
I came across my review from september and I stand by what I said for the one that fell apart. But my other one is still holding up just fine. Its weird how the first one fell apart after a few uses and my other one is perfectly fine. Mine is past the linting stage, doesnt seem to do it anymore and its not falling apart in the least. It looks an feels just like the first time I used it. Gets an A+++++++++++++ from me!

Ted S.
3 Stars

Good and Bad
November 10, 2011
While these Sheepskin Wash pads do a wonderful job at cleaning safely, they lack in the durability department. You may notice shedding in the very first wash. Expect anywhere from 2-3+ washes out of each of these, depending on how well you care for them. Still looking for a "better" wash pad

1 Stars

Falls Apart
October 18, 2011
They where perfect for light cleanings of nice cars but like the other reviewers they just fell apart with little use. I let them dry between use like your suppose so that wasn't the issue. Mine lasted a whole 6 washes. Very poor quality. Never had issues before with previous wool mitts.

2 Stars

fell apart
September 2, 2011
I bought two of these and one has been used twice and the other five times. I dont know which is is which, but one them literally started falling apart in my wash bucket. The wool was peeling off in chunks. It was nice while it lasted but durability is pathetic.

4 Stars

Great Wash Pad
July 15, 2011
I bought a 3 pack of these and have been using my first one for the past 2 months or so(approx 20 washes). It does shed a little bit which is why I gave it 4 stars but for the most part its holding up quite well. I only use these wash pads on darker color paints to help prevent swirls which it does great. It's not very good for scrubbing but if you want a very gentle swirl free wash pad then this is for you.

lewis martino
5 Stars

silky soft
June 29, 2011
Recently purchased this wash pad. I was supprised at how soft and plush this pad was. It holds a lot of water and shampoo.Used it on all four of the family cars and its holding up well. Ill be purchasing the three pack next time and love this thing!!!!

1 Stars

Fell Apart
June 20, 2011
I bought the 3 pack. Used one right away and after hanging it to dry I noticed it had a tear in it. I figured I caught it on something. Next weekend I washed my wife's car and used a 2nd new pad. Maybe I left it in the wash bucket too long, but the thing absolutely fell apart! I had pieces of wool everywhere. The pad itself has exposed leather spots all over it. It's trashed. I've never had a problem like this with other wool wash mitts. I've got one more of these left. Guess I'll give it a try and see what happens.

07 z-oh-6
5 Stars

June 8, 2011
Cool little wash pads. I prefer pads over wash mitts, generally speaking. These are small, but they're easier to get into small places. They seem to hold a good amount of soapy water for their size. They're obviously not on par with Dodo Juice sheepskin mitts, but they're good for what they are!