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SCANGRIP Colourmatch Kit <font color=red>FREE BONUS!</font>
For a limited time only, receive a FREE SCANGRIP Wheel Stand with your purchase of this kit! Retail Value of $159!

The best detailing worklight kit available – period!

SCANGRIP Colourmatch Kit combines three of the most popular (and most effective) detailing work lights SCANGRIP has to offer – the SCANGRIP Sunmatch, SCANGRIP Matchpen, and SCANGRIP Multimatch. SCANGRIP Colourmatch Kit provides a lighting solution for any aspect of detailing – whether it be lighting your whole garage in swirl-finding beams with the SCANGRIP Multimatch, pinpointing miniscule imperfections with the SCANGRIP Matchpen, or doing a pre-detail vehicle inspection with the SCANGRIP Sunmatch, the SCANGRIP Colourmatch Kit was designed especially for you!

SCANGRIP Colourmatch Kit includes:
SCANGRIP Multimatch
SCANGRIP Multimatch is a powerful work light designed to brighten up your workspace with its powerful 2000 lumen, LED, and ultra-high CRI LED bulbs. It’s about as close you’re going to get to the sun – inside! SCANGRIP Multimatch is rechargeable and features a two-step operating system that allows you to adjust to your specific needs. The die cast aluminum housing is curved, protecting the fragile glass bulb should it ever be dropped. You can finally get rid of those old floodlights and upgrade your detailing garage to the SCANGRIP Multimatch sytem!
SCANGRIP Sunmatch is a high-end work light featuring an ultra-bright LED bulb, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and convenient hanging hook that will fill the gap in your swirl-finder-light needs. Manufactured by the award winning SCANGRIP company, known for their quality lighting, SCANGRIP Sunmatch is a necessity in your detailing arsenal. Quickly locate gloss inhibiting swirls and scratches, illuminate your work area, and prove to your customer that you know your stuff with the SCANGRIP Sunmatch work light.
SCANGRIP Matchpen Light
SCANGRIP Matchpen Light is a small handheld LED light manufactured with a high CRI value for perfect color recognition. SCANGRIP Matchpen Light comes with a convenient clip that easily attaches to your shirt or pants pocket for ample mobility. Don’t be fooled by the small size! SCANGRIP Matchpen Light has a very powerful light output with an excellent focus function for a concentrated light beam ranging from 10° to 70°.
Never be caught in a “dark” detailing situation again – illuminate your work with SCANGRIP Colourmatch Kit!

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