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Prima Cosmonot Cosmoline Remover 16 oz.

Prima Cosmonot Cosmoline Remover 16 oz.
Clean up tools and machinery with Cosmonot.

Prima CosmoNot is a safe and easy way to remove cosmoline from painted surfaces. Cosmoline is notoriously hard to remove but Prima Cosmonot cuts through cosmoline so you can wipe it away easily.

Cosmoline is a petroleum distillate used as a rust inhibitor on new machinery, industrial equipment, and tools. Cosmoline is sometimes found in the engine bay of vehicles, like MINIs or BMWs. Prima Cosmonot can be used to remove unwanted cosmoline from painted areas surrounding the engine bay. Cosmoline is usually very difficult to remove, which is why you need Prima CosmoNot.

Simply apply Cosmonot to a towel or applicator and wipe. It may take a few passes depending on the age of the cosmoline.

16 oz.

Prima Cosmonot Cosmoline Remover 16 oz.
Item #: PCC-16
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Prima Cosmonot Cosmoline Remover 16 oz.
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Leonard Zebrowski
5 Stars

Great Time Saver
September 1, 2013
Really handles the "racing stripes" that seem to plague overseas built BMWs - have a pair that stripe on the rocker panel below the door hinges & the door by the door handles, plus one of the BMWs adds an additional "stripe" below the trunk seem. Minimal elbow grease is required - a dab will do ya! All gone...

5 Stars

Cosmonot Works
June 29, 2011
This stuff work!! it take that nasty brown sticky yuck right off your car!! no muscle needed! just wipe and go!! love it!