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Poorboy's World EX-P Pure Sealant 16 oz.

Protection, durability and a beautiful finish wrapped into one!

When you think “wax,” do you imagine hours of drudgery with a smelly, hard-to-manipulate paste that is a struggle to remove? No more! Forget all about that stereotype. The modern alternative (and a good one at that) to traditional waxes are synthetic paint sealants, formulated for people on the go: On easier, buff off easier, last two or three times as long, and withstand higher temperatures without compromising durability. They make caring for your car properly a breeze.

The secret is out! Poorboy’s EX-P paint sealant is quickly building a great reputation for itself based on word-of-mouth by professional detailers, auto enthusiasts and show car competitors everywhere! It spreads on with ease, buffs off with little effort, and, whoa! stand back! What a shine! EX-P is a pure sealant; an amino functional resin.… Puzzled? That, in layman’s terms, means that additional layers can be applied to achieve even greater glimmer and shimmer (not that it’s needed!). It also means that EX-P plays well with other products—car buffs use it as a topper over traditional waxes and sealants to further enhance the surface. I personally tested it over Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 and was very enthused by the results! (Again, this is totally unnecessary, but for some of us it’s a hobby!)

Poorboy’s EX-P is revolutionary in the world of paint sealants. Typically, applying a paint sealant in direct sunlight is a BIG no-no. Well, EX-P shatters the rules on that one! Designed especially for use in high temperature climates on cars that sit in the hot, hot sun day after day: It’s virtually a paint sealer on steroids! Because it’s so easy to apply, smells, looks and feels like tropical sun block, and can be used in the sun, you may just find looking forward to wax day!

Poorboy’s EXP goes a long way! Just one coat of this magical lotion is all you need to protect your car’s finish for three to six months…and, the look it achieves is nothing short of phenomenal! A gorgeous shimmer that gives you the feel of gazing into a deep pool of color. The guys at Poorboy’s set out to formulate a unique paint sealant when they made EX-P—one that yielded such fantastic results with minimum experience and effort, that even a first-timer would experience 100% success! Best of all, Poorboy’s EX-P is a steal! You’re sure to agree after you experience the results that EX-P delivers!

16 oz. bottle

Poorboy's World EX-P Pure Sealant 16 oz.

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Poorboy's World EX-P Pure Sealant 16 oz.
4.5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
Shrewsbury MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Long lasting sealant
December 22, 2015
Easy to use. Excellent shine. Last months. Great for under a canuba wax.
Super easy to use. Clean paint first. Last long time. One bottle does many vehi led.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

easy. great product
March 20, 2015
Easy to apply and take off yet to determine the lasting quality
Easy to apply Smells good

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Easy to use.
October 29, 2014
This is a product which will prove itself over time and even then will be hard for an individual to properly evaluate without real scientific testing. A lot depends on exposure to sun, bad weather, dirt, washes, etc. So the real effectiveness is something of a mystery and it would be hard to say if this brand is superior to another based on someone like me who owns only two cars and doesn't do this for a living. But I can say that it goes on easily, seems to improve the look of my newly corrected paint, and it removes easily as well. It's not very expensive and a little goes a long way; therefore, there isn't much downside to using it. I followed it up with a hard carnauba wax and I hope this sealing plus the wax will last a long while. Time will tell. In any case, it formed part of a process which brought the tired paint of a new acquired 7 year old car back to like new condition.
Cheap, easy to put on and take off.
None that I can tell.

So. Calif.
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

jury is still out on this stuff
July 13, 2014
i have only applied this once to my car, I normaly use Master Formula's Sealer Gloss, and just wanted to see if there was anything better. This went on easy, came off just as easy. Don't know if this product can be used on other surfaces. Master Formula's Sealer Gloss can be applied to chrome, glass, everything. maybe I should of stayed with MFSG.
went on easy, came off easy.
not known if this product works on glass, chrome, etc?

3 Stars

Decent product
May 19, 2013
I just finished using the entire bottle after about two years of having it. I used it on our daily drivers after doing some paint correction a couple times a year. It will bead water but it does not seem to last very long. It does apply and remove very easily though. I feel that RejeX works just as well. Three stars because of ease of application and the fact you can apply it in direct sun. Maybe this last application which I topped with Collinite will yield better results.

5 Stars

February 20, 2011

5 Stars

EX-P on a 2006 Tundra
March 7, 2010
This product made my truck look great. I washed my truck with a mixture of car wash and isopropyl alcohol to strip off the old wax. I didn't polish the truck before putting on the sealant, I wanted to see what it would do before I polished the paint. I am impressed. Worked better than anything I have ever picked up off the shelf and went on and came off with ease. No residue or powder left afterwards. Great product. Used on Sky Silver Metallic paint.

Ben V
1 Stars

Poorboy's EX-P
May 17, 2009
Applied two coats of this sealant as directed. Worked great for about two weeks until the sealant wore off completely. Nowhere near the 3-6 month finish as advertised. Go with Klasse Sealant Glaze instead.

5 Stars

May 13, 2009
Easy on (via PC), easy off, for a smooth and glossy shine! What more do you want?

5 Stars

awsome shine!
September 14, 2008
Just got this product, the first poorboy's I'v tried and I will be trying more poorboys stuff. The ex-p went on easy, came off easy, and all I can say is wow!! Such a beautiful shine. Ill have to wait and see what the durability is like. I recommend the product.

Sam P
5 Stars

Best Yet
June 1, 2007
This stuff is fantastic. Easy to apply using a blue pad on PC at speed 1. 30 minutes later, a MF towel wipes it right off with no buffing. Gloss and water beading is phenomenal. Durability is superior. About the only thing that could make this stuff perfect is if it were a wipe-on product!

Brian G.
5 Stars

Solid product
May 3, 2007
Plain and simple, EX-P is awesome! Very user friendly -easy to apply/remove, can be used in sun, and a great base for applying a carnauba topper. It doesn't take an expert to achieve excellent results with this product.

5 Stars

April 23, 2007
EX-P is a great sealant. It is optically clear making the metal flake in the paint pop. Super easy to use whether it is by hand or machine.

James Watkins
5 Stars

A great base!
March 23, 2006
EXP is the perfect base for all waxes! It offer amazing standalone protect and look while it can be enhanced by a carnauba. Very few sealants are as easy to remove as Ex and Exp. By far one of the best sealants ever made!

5 Stars

ease of use
March 18, 2006
this product applies like butter and it removes just as easy. I really like it on a metalflake finish as it makes it sparkle. after 24hrs you can apply a carnuba wax to add depth to the finish.