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Park-Zone Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Sensor

Park your vehicle perfectly every time!

The Park-Zone Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Sensor works like a traffic light to tell you that your vehicle is parked in the correct spot. Just hang Park-Zone on the rear wall of the garage; the ultrasonic sensor will tell you when to approach and when to stop. No ifs, ands, or bumps!

The Park-Zone helps the depth perception impaired to park in the same spot every time, without pulling too close to the wall or not close enough. If you’ve ever had that moment of panic that you left the rear of the car sticking out too far as the garage door closes, the Park-Zone will eliminate that concern. You’ll park just right every time.

The Park-Zone consists of 3 parts: an ultrasonic sensor, a “traffic” light, and an AC adapter. The ultrasonic sensor hangs at bumper level and communicates with the Park-Zone light, which hangs at eye level. The sensor indicates to the light the distance between itself and your vehicle’s bumper.

When you’re approaching, the Park-Zone light is green. When you’re about halfway there, the light turns yellow. When the light turns red, stop. You’ll be parked at the perfect distance from the wall.

The Park-Zone will work for about a year on 4 AA batteries, but an AC adapter is included for your convenience.

The Park-Zone is programmable to your parking preference. The range of the ultrasonic sensor is from 1.3- 16 ft. Whether you have garage that’s 20 ft. deep or a real showroom, the Park-Zone will help you park in the same spot every time.

Park in the perfect spot every time you enter the garage with the Park-Zone.

AC adapter included/ DC battery backup power.

Park-Zone Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Sensor

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Item ID: PZ-1900
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Park-Zone Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Sensor
4 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Shingletown, California
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent addition to the garage
March 20, 2016
As a retired refinery instrumentation tech I was a little skeptical of a $30 sensor, so I was interested in how this would perform. Much to my surprise this parking sensor has excellent accuracy and excellent repeatability. With a tight squeeze in my shop it consistently lands my truck in the exact same spot every time. I'm impressed so far, the last test is longevity.
Nice addition to my garage, i will buy a second one for my other shop which has a lift.

Las Vegas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!!!
November 14, 2014
I actually got two of them, one for each car. Easy install and set-up. I have a long SUV that I only have about 4 inches of clearance in front and back of the vehicle and this is perfect. My other vehicle is a six figure car and this gives me the assurance that I won't hit the wall.
Easy install and set-up.

Columbus Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does the job.
September 10, 2014
Works just fine with room to spare in front and rear of my truck for the door to shut. It keeps me from bumping into the shelving which contains the Mrs. pottery. This will keep me out of the doghouse.
Easy to install. Used cable ties to secure to the shelves, but it works.
None yet. Still brand new, time will tell.

Lonnie Thornton
5 Stars

Park Zone PZ-1900 Platinum
January 7, 2012
Works as advertised. Great quality and easy set up. First class looks and operation.

The carkeeper
1 Stars

Don't bother!
September 2, 2011
I've had both the battery version of this device and the AC transformer unit/ The battery unit ate batteries, lasting maybe a month. The transformer unit worked for about 6 months, them died. Great when they worked, but died way to soon. Do not recommend!

2 Stars

Could be better
July 2, 2009
This product is a great concept, but is disappointing in practice. It's easy to reset, but it seems almost like it resets itself while I'm out during the day because I'll come home and start pulling into the garage and it will turn red...not very useful IMO. If it were somewhat more difficult to reset so that it was a bit more permanent with it's distance setting. Without that, it's pretty much useless to me.

5 Stars

I have one
June 18, 2009
I've had one of these for several years and it works great. It's easy to resetand my wife loves it.