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Optimum Hyper Compound 32 oz.

Optimum Hyper Compound 32 oz.
An aggressive compound when there is a need for speed!

When a polish just won’t do, reach for Optimum Hyper Compound. Aptly named, this aggressive compound works with a high speed polisher to remove paint defects quickly and without the mess of ordinary compounds. Hyper Compound will give you the perfect paint you desire in a fraction of the time!

All Optimum polishes offer a long work-time and little or no dusting, but Hyper Compound goes the extra distance. It has an infinite work time! It won’t dry up before the job is done and it won’t produce excessive dust. It’s a detailer’s dream come true!

Optimum Hyper Compound is full of lubricants to prevent dry dusting and protect the paint surface. However, this compound contains no silicone oils or wax, so it’s completely body shop safe.

Be warned, this is not a finishing polish or a cleansing lotion - it’s a serious compound! Optimum Hyper Compound is designed primarily for professionals and seasoned do-it-yourselfers. Use it with your rotary polisher and a cutting pad to remove significant paint flaws.

As with any compound, Optimum Hyper Compound may produce a slight hazing on the paint. This is a normal byproduct of leveled paint. Optimum Compound or Polish will easily remove this haze and restore the gloss.

Optimum Hyper Compound can be used with a cutting pad, light cutting pad, or a lambswool leveling pad. It works more or less aggressively, depending on your pad selection. A cutting pad used at 1000 – 1500 RPM with this compound is capable of removing 1500 and lighter sand scratches. A light cutting pad will remove 2000 sand scratches at the same speeds.

All Optimum products are VOC compliant and body shop safe.

When your vehicle requires an aggressive compound, Optimum Hyper Compound is the only one you need!


Note: Because compounding requires high speed to work properly, it is recommended that you use a rotary polisher with Hyper Compound. The Makita 9227C is an excellent machine for paint correction.

On a clean vehicle, apply three lines of compound approximately 6 inches long. Select the appropriate pad, either cutting or light cutting, and spread the compound over the panel with the machine turned off. This will prevent splatter when you do turn the polisher on.

Set your maximum speed to 1500 and turn the polisher on. Work the compound in figure eight patterns over the panel. Check your work frequently because Hyper Compound is designed to work quickly. Since it doesn’t dry, it may not be apparent when to stop polishing. Check your work by misting a spot with a 1:1 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol and wiping with a towel. If the paint looks good, buff off the remaining residue and move on to the next panel.

Follow up with Optimum Polishand a polishing pad to restore the gloss to the paint. Then use Optimum Car Wax for a bright shine and durable protection.

32 oz.

Optimum Hyper Compound 32 oz.
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Optimum Hyper Compound 32 oz.
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

April 23, 2007
A very nice compound. It'll remove some very strong swirls whether it is by DA or rotary. Dust? None with this polish. Easy to work with.

5 Stars

Great poduct!
April 1, 2006
I used Optimum Hyper Compound with the Cyclo and green polishing pads to polish out some swirls on my '95 Legend. OHC finished out to a swirl/haze free surface that was ready for wax/sealant. It passed the "halogen" inspection with flying colors!