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Optimum Tire Shine 17 oz.

Optimum Tire Shine 17 oz.
Now with greater durability and more gloss enhancing tire protection!

High gloss shine without solvents or VOCs!

Petroleum solvents are the old way of formulating tire dressings. They create an attractive sheen at first, but the solvents leach out the protectants that are applied to the rubber during manufacturing. These protectants would diminish eventually regardless, but petroleum solvent formulas accelerate the process. In just a short time, your tires become dull, brown, and cracked.

Optimum Tire Shine is a completely different kind of tire dressing. It contains no solvents, VOCs, or any other hazardous compound. Instead, it contains methicones, which are both safe for your tires and safe for the environment. By replacing the petroleum solvents with methicones, Optimum has eliminated the risk of ozone, which is caused by the release of harmful fumes by solvents.

In addition to an environmentally conscious formula, Optimum Tire Shine is an excellent tire protectant. It shields your tires from UV rays and ozone to preserve the color and texture of the rubber. The thick formula goes on easily and clings to the tire. Tire Shine’s durability outlasts the average tire dressing, and repeated applications will not cause yellowing.

Optimum Tire Shine is for drivers that prefer a deep, wet-looking gloss. The finish indicates that your vehicle is a finely-detailed machine. Your tires will look freshly dressed all the time, and the rubber will remain in like new condition.

Don’t put your tires at risk of premature aging by using petroleum-based products! Optimum Tire Shine is a completely safe, solvent-free protectant that produces a durable, glossy shine on rubber. You can also use Tire Shine on all interior and exterior trims, vinyl, and dashboards for the same gloss finish and lasting protection.

If you enjoy glossy tires on more than one vehicle, or you just don’t want to run out, get Optimum Tire Shine in the gallon jug!

17 oz.

Optimum Tire Shine 17 oz.
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Optimum Tire Shine 128 oz. Refill
Optimum Tire Shine 128 oz. Refill

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(2 Reviews)

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Optimum Tire Shine 17 oz.
4.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
Steve B
newtown square, pa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works Great
December 14, 2014
Works great after tires are clean. Seems to get glossier with 2 coats. Does not sling. Lasts a long time.
Easy to use. No sling. Lasts after rain. Nice natural gloss.

Atlanta, GA
2 Stars

A gel that doens't spray
June 26, 2014
I was a user of the Michelin tire shine product. Water based and didn't damage tires. Now that I'm out of the Michelin product and it's no longer available, I went searching for an alternative. Optimum looks like that product but I don't' care for it. Why? It's a thick liquid, almost a gel so it doesn't really spray onto the tire. It streams onto the tire and you then have to work it around the tire surface. Since current tires all have the little ridges (not sure why) you are stuck with a hands-on process vs a spray it on and walk away process. There are two problems with the hands-on products: 1) They are messy. You got rags and dirty hands to deal with which adds time to the project. 2) No matter how careful you are, wipe-on products make a mess on whitewall and white letter tires. So if you're running Michelin MVS tires from yester year where the sidewalls are virtually smooth, this would be a good product. I watered it down to about 3-1 so it would spray. That didn't produce much shine. The tires look clean but shine like they've been driven in light rain. I bought the bottle of Optimum, which is kind of expensive compared to other products, including Michelin's, so I'll apply it several times and see what happens since the tires haven't been treated during the time I was searching for an alternate to the Michelin product. Right now I would sum up my opinion as disappointed. The product doesn't meet my expectations. I can handle less shine and more of a matte finish but the hands-on application requirement kills the deal for me. I have classic vehicles with whitewalls and raised white letters in addition to blackwall tires.
Water based, non-damaging product.
You HAVE to wipe the product Product doesn't not spray evenly onto the tire. Shine is matte, as advertised. Very little shine. Tire just looks clean. Expensive

Metairie, Louisiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

performs as advertised
May 18, 2014
it takes a second application to get the best results on a tire that is new or has not been treated before

Newport Beach, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Better on interior than on tires
April 28, 2014
Bought this hoping for a high gloss on the tires but could not achieve this without adding so much product that is slings. As a tire dressing, I would give it a 3... but as an interior protectant I actually give it a 5. Seems to make the interior shine like mad without a greasy finish. Lasts on the dash is hard sun all day for months before diming. Also, repels dust fairly well which makes it easy to keep perfect with a quick swipe of a microfiber towl.

Alamogordo, NM
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very nice product
February 20, 2014
I think the variability of the shine this product produces may be dependent on the particular tires. On some, I got a shine that I could literally see myself in, on other tires a slightly more matte finish, but in any case very nice! The cleaner your tires, the better it will work.
Easy to apply, spreads easily, dries to the touch quickly, good longevity.
Wish I had bought the gallon size instead, I'm almost out!

2 Stars

No "deep, wet shine"
September 2, 2012
I have to knock it because of the description, and even the name. "Shine" it doesn't produce, and I'm using it on brand new tires. I've come to like the clean, matte look anyway but I purchased this because of its advertised gloss.

5 Stars

the best
July 5, 2012
no doubt my favorite dressing. Zero sling, simple to apply. soaks into the tire with ease and gives a very deep black look with no reflective shining. I love it. Also, easy to remove with an APC before reapplying. Durability is very good. 4 weeks is no problem to achieve and the tire is still black after driving through rain.

5 Stars

Lasts a long time!
July 2, 2010
Optimum Tire Shine didn't make my tires shiny, but that may be because my tires had already dulled and turned a bit brown. It did, however, cover up all the brown, and make my tires look brand new. Great stuff. If your tires have already turned brown, I highly recommend Optimum Tire Shine. It'll make your tires look like new again. What's more, it lasts a very long time. I applied it over a month ago. In that month, my car has experienced several heavy rain storms, as well as the intense heat of the summer sun. Only now is the tire shine beginning to fade a bit. This is a great tire shine if you want something that offers great results, as well as not requiring you to constantly keep re-applying it.

5 Stars

so glossy
April 27, 2010
Very very good product , my tire is so glossy and very long lasting.

5 Stars

Good stuff
October 7, 2008
Stays fresh on tires for weeks. Car is in Tucson so I went for the best stuff I could find...this is it.

5 Stars

Great tire shine!
October 8, 2007
This stuff is easy to use, and it has a great matte gloss look. It's been on my tires for almost 3 weeks and it's still looking like day 1. My car sits outside under the Cali sun, so it's a great test for the durability. You won't regret buying this if you like an easy to use tire shine with a matte gloss finish.

David Bloom
5 Stars

Optimum tire shine
November 2, 2006
Quick. Easy to use. No mess. AND, tires look great!!