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In honor of Earth Day, here's your go-to guide on washing your car for a showcar shine without wasting water!

Washing your car using a hose and bucket is the traditional way to remove the dirt and road grim to get your car clean and shiny. The ability to have running water flushing off loosened dirt along with the soap suds offers lots of lubricity to help prevent any of the dirt or other abrasive particles from potentially scratching the paint.

The problem is that use the traditional method of a water hose and bucket is not always an option for everyone with a dirty car. It's also not the best way to wash a classic car. It's also one of the least eco-friendly ways to get clean paint and is very limiting in areas with water-restrictions.

Different Types of Waterless Car Washes

Some waterless car washes focus primarily on cleaning while some focus on cleaning while at the same time adding some gloss and protection. If you're going to detail a car that has been neglected so the paint has swirls, scratches, water spots and oxidation, then a good choice for a car in this condition would be a cleaning with only a waterless car wash as there's no benefit to adding gloss and protection to a car you're getting ready to buff out. If you've already detailed your car and the exterior in ins excellent condition with a fresh coat of wax, then using a waterless wash that adds gloss and a little protection is a good option as it will work better on paint in this condition.

The Key To Success

The key to using a waterless car wash successfully is to follow these three tips:

1. Use plenty of product - Plenty of product means lots of lubrication.

2. Use plenty of clean, microfiber towels - Plenty of towels means less chance of cross-contamination. That is by switching to a clean towel often you reduce the potential to rub dirt removed off one panel only to rub it over the next body panel.
3. Use good technique - Good technique is to fold your microfiber towel 4-ways to give you 8 clean sides to wipe with and after making one pass over a section of a panel with one side of the towel, turn to a clean side for the next pass. Continue doing this till you've used up all 8 sides and then switch to a clean fresh towel.

Start at the top and work your way down and around the car saving the lowest panels of the car and fender lips for last

In less time than it would take you to drag out the hose, buckets, wash mitts, drying chamois etc. you can get your car clean while leaving behind a Carnauba wax glossy protected finish.

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