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Mothers Brake Dust Brush

Mothers Brake Dust Brush
Get clean, shiny wheels without scratching!

Cleaning coated or painted wheels can be risky business if you’re not using the right brush. Since brake dust is the most likely suspect, Mothers Brake Dust Brush is all you need to gently remove brake dust from delicate wheels.

The bristles are made of soft polypropylene which is thinner and therefore softer than nylon bristles. While brake dust can be stubborn, it doesn’t take a rough brush to remove it. It just takes some agitation with a soft brush to loosen the brake dust so it rinses away easily.

Mothers Brake Dust Brush is packed with bristles to whisk away brake dust without scratching coated, painted, plated, or polished wheels. The round head fits between spokes to clean multiple surfaces at once. The bristles are held in place by a thick interior wire, which will never touch your wheels thanks to the plush bristles.

Adjust the width of the brush by pulling apart the two wires that make up the brush head. The brush can be adjusted to accomodate spoke widths of any size.

The handle of the brush has a textured, rubber grip and an ergonomic shape that’s easy on your hands. The bristles are chemical resistant and suitable for use with any wheel cleaner.

Use Mothers Wheel Mist All Wheel Cleaner if you have coated wheels. If not, use Mothers Wheel Mist Chrome/Wire Wheel Cleaner. The brush will come in handy when cleaning between spokes.

Mothers Brake Dust Brush reaches brake dust where it hides so your wheels look their best.

11 inches.

Mothers Brake Dust Brush
Item #: MO-156100
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Mothers Brake Dust Brush Case of 6
Mothers Brake Dust Brush Case of 6

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Mothers Brake Dust Brush Case of 6

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Mothers Brake Dust Brush
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5 Stars

fruit salad yumy yumy
May 3, 2007
very very good brush