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Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz.

Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz.
The perfect instant detailer to keep your car sparkling between washes.

Mothers™ Polishes, Waxes, and Cleaners have long been favorites in professional detailing circles. Innovative products and expert know-how are the standard at Mothers™. And Mothers California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer epitomizes the high level of performance and beautiful results that Mothers™ has built its solid reputation on.

Mothers California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer is a workhorse in the truest sense of the word. Virtually effortless to apply, this instant detailer does more than merely dust your car. Showtime is what the pros reach for, to obtain that quick, easy, and sometimes last minute - sleek, wet shine. Developed by Mothers™ to be the ultimate instant detailer, the superior formula in Showtime contains color enhancers and shine fortifiers, that bring out a deep, rich gloss. The treated surface simply looks brand new and luxurious. Watch as minor imperfections and spider webbing vanish, revealing a dramatic mirror finish. Minor irritations, like fingerprints and smudges, are no match for Showtime. Simply spray or rub onto the area that needs the attention, rub in and buff off with a dry, lint free cloth. Dust and smears disappear and all that's visible is a flawless shine.

Wash, wax, and in between, use what the pro’s have trusted for years to keep their cars sparkling, Mothers™ California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer.

24 oz.

Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz.
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Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 128 oz.
Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz.  Case of 6
Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 128 oz.

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Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 128 oz.
MO-08202Our Price:  $34.99Sale price:  $28.99
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Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz. Case of 6

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz. Case of 6

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Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer 24 oz.
3.5 Stars based on 13 Review(s)
North Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The "Mother" of Quick Detailers
October 15, 2014
Not sure why the negative reviews (although someone may have used terry cloth towels, which shouldn't be used on paint). I assume there might be some user error or other factors. As usual, it is important to use a quality MF, wipe in with one side, and buff off with the other. This was the first QD I ever used and the benchmark for all other QD's I may use. I find application is very easy, it's a little "thicker" than a Megs UQD, but I find that allows for a slightly longer work time--and leaves a very slick finish (more than Megs UQD). I have never had an issue with staining or streaking. It's important to note that this is a quick detailer and not a spray wax--so it doesn't leave but very minimal "protection"/dust repellency for a couple days. I find it works excellent as a clay lube as well!
Ease of application Slickness Good at removing bird droppings/bugs Pleasant Cinnamon-scent

J. Davis
5 Stars

Detail shine
July 15, 2013
Great product that I use almost everyday during the summer months. Makes any type of road film or bugs come right off.

5 Stars

great product
December 14, 2012
Use this for just what it says. Quik detailer. Wash with a capful of KLASSE, have top coat of natty paste wax. Use after washing for inbetween waxing. Use after I dry vehicle. Spray on wipe of with microfiber. Easy off and I get no streaking. Use on a dark blue toyota and a black saturn vue. Never had streaking problems as prior reviews mentioned. Just order more along with klasse and liquid souveran.

3 Stars

NOt bad
January 25, 2012
Not bad for a quick detailer, but i switched to megs UQD whiach i find goes easier and leaves a nicer, deeper gloss than showtime. One advantage this has over ultimate quik detailer is the price and you can buy it in bigger gallons

2 Stars

Not the best QD ive ever used
November 18, 2011
This is really a pretty bad QD spray. It lacks lubricity, and tends to streak.

1 Stars

Smudgy and streaky
May 30, 2011
I used it on my black 05 Nissan Frontier. I followed the directions to a T, new terry towels, shake well and all I got was a streaky, smudgy mess. I can't even give it a star. Get back to work Mothers.

Jim Schwartz
1 Stars

June 10, 2010
This is probably the most annoying QD I've ever used. If I have a little over spray from one panel to the next (which is INEVITABLE) and you don't wipe it off ASAP, it dries and you have to waste more product re-moistening the section in order to get it off! Not such a big deal if you're just doing a quick detail, but during claying this is a huge pain in the ass. I've never experienced this with anyother QD. I've used Meguiar's for years, and I thought I'd give this stuff a try (buy 1 get 1 free at my local shop). Super disappointed.

5 Stars

September 2, 2008
I first used this product as part of my clay bar kit from mothers and was entirely impressed with the slick and smooth feeling after use and buffing with a MF towel, then weeks later after using the cleaner wax from mothers i used the detailer as a stand alone paired with eagle one wax as you dry spray and buffed with a MF towel and the slick feeling was still there after a month and good as new and brought back the coat of wax to life on my dads BMW !! now on my third bottle of showtime ! until i can afford to try others, this is a must have for the budget oriented detailer !

4 Stars

April 23, 2007
Avery nice quick detailer. It is easy to use but doesn't add that much per looks but still nice.

4 Stars

Great Quick Detailing
September 14, 2006
An all time favorite, great at minor cleaning.

James Watkins
2 Stars

My mother would give me better!!
April 3, 2006
There a few things I like about this product! The smell, and the abilty to be use as a clay lube, but other than that, this product is useless to me! It is streaky, oliy, hard to use and requires lots of wiping, doesn't enhance gloss, and cleans very minimally. Buy Spray and Wipe, you'll be much happier! and just you let all of you know this was my first QD and untill Spary and Wipe I was a QD hater because this product is so lack luster! Pun Intended!

Jason M.
5 Stars

The Best Product
March 20, 2006
This product is definately must acts like a detailing clay lubricant and a quick detailer. This is a must for car showst to prep the vehicle. Keep one is yoru car and one in your garage.

Dan S.
2 Stars

Not good
March 18, 2006
I like the sharp cinnamon scent, but that's about it. Showtime is very oily and doesn't excel at cleaning or gloss. The gloss it does enhance only lasts for 24 hours, maybe, and no real protection is added. There are a lot of better QD's out there.