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Collinite Mold Release Wax #900

Collinite Mold Release Wax #900
Designed for normal spray-up or hand lay-up molding

Collinite Mold Release Wax #900 is a wax designed specifically for spray-up or hand lay-up molding. The wax is applied to the inside of a mold so when the metal or other materials are poured in, the wax prevents the cast material from sticking. This in turn creates a surface free of any friction that prevents the mold from binding to the expensive casting material.

Collinite Mold Release Wax #900 has been extensively tested and approved by the world’s largest fiberglass manufacturing in molding processes, both filled and unfilled, with and without gel coat. This professional-grade mold release wax was rated higher than all competing mold release waxes both in performance and ease of use.

Collinite Mold Release Wax #900 is a small investment in ensuring perfectly poured molds every time, without a hassle. This hand-crafted wax is made in the USA and is sure to exceed your expectations, just like the waxes Collinite manufactures for automotive and marine use.


Surface should not be hot or cold to the touch. Apply thin amount of No. 900 to a chemically clean mold surface with a clean, soft cloth or applicator pad and allow product to dry to a haze. Hand buff with another clean cotton or microfiber towel until a clear, high gloss appears. For new molds and molds with poor surfaces, apply up to three coats. Rewax and buff production molds as required. Excellent results may be obtained by a light application of No. 900 over polyvinyl alcohol mold release to reduce part clean up.

12 oz.

Collinite Mold Release Wax #900
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Collinite Mold Release Wax #900
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