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Mothers Leather Cleaner

Mothers Leather Cleaner
A strong cleaner with a gentle touch.

Have you ever sat in an older car with neglected leather seats? They’re not comfortable. They’re cracked, dry, and discolored. The seams are split because the threads have corroded. They don’t feel any better to your skin than vinyl because they were never moisturized. The corners of the seats are three shades lighter than the rest of the seat and parts of the seat are dark from oils from human skin that were never properly cleaned. Don’t let your leather interior meet this fate. Clean it right with Mothers Leather Cleaner.

Mothers Leather Cleaner is formulated to safely clean dirt and oils from all finished leather without compromising the look and feel. This gentle cleaner is pH-balanced to clean without drying. It penetrates the pores and lifts out dirt and oil that have absorbed into the leather. Mothers Leather Cleaner will not discolor leather or corrode synthetic or cotton stitching. Use it as often as needed without fear. Your leather is safe in Mothers’ hands.

You can also use Mothers Leather Cleaner on all your leather accessories, luggage, shoes, and furniture. It works well on any high-traffic leather in your vehicle or your home.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your leather with Mothers Leather Cleaner, always follow with an application of Mothers Leather Conditioner to restore moisture. These two products will ensure a long, supple life for all your leather goods.

The original Mothers Leather Cleaner formula has been re-vamped and re-packaged to give you more cleaning power. Use it to safely clean your leather upholstery and goods so they stay beautiful for years to come.


Mothers Leather Cleaner
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Mothers Leather Cleaner 12 oz. Case of 6
Mothers Leather Cleaner 12 oz. Case of 6

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Mothers Leather Cleaner 12 oz. Case of 6

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Mothers Leather Cleaner
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
4 Stars

Nice Product!
November 6, 2013
Cleans leather nicely, but on really stubborn stains, a bit more product and a soft brush (old toothbrush) is needed to really remove those stains in the grain of the leather. Remember to be gentle when using the brush, gentle repeated strokes is sufficient to remove most if not all of the stains. Stains will be removed and the car will smell nicer after using this. Weeks, months and even years of grime (and the accompanying smell) will be removed.

5 Stars

Great leather cleaner
January 4, 2013
One of the first mothers leather care products I've used. Great cleaner, removes most dirt and stains quite easily. But on certain deep set stains, a bit more light rubbing may be needed and a bit more product should be used to maximize the results. Leaves a certain scent, but a mild one. SHOULD BE USED WITH THE CONDITIONER. Could be nice if a bigger bottle was available for bigger and dirtier jobs, other than that, it is an excellent product. Glad I got one again,

Scott Stark
5 Stars

Only Use This
August 26, 2010
This is all I ever use to clean the leather in my cars. It is a great product. Do not buy McGuiers. It stinks