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Meguiars Plastx Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

This easy to use, rich gel formula quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible plastics.

Cutting-edge advancements in Meguiar's exclusive Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive Technology, (MDAT), removes light oxidation, chemical degradation, surface contamination, stains and light surface scratches with ease. In addition, because our microscopic diminishing abrasives breakdown as you use them, PlastX is safe on plastic rear windows on convertible tops, aircraft windows, motorcycle fairings, face shields, headlights and taillights, instrument panels, all clear plastic boat surfaces and aquariums. Meguiar's PlastX also contains highly water-resistant polymers. These specialized hi-tech polymers provide long lasting durable protection to keep your clear plastics clear and beautiful longer. PlastX is non-toxic and does not contain any harsh solvents.

Get the most out of your Meguiar’s Plastx by applying it with Mother’s PowerBall. The professional grade foam tabs are perfect for restoring clarity to hazy plastic. Use the PowerBall with your drill or polisher to remove fine scratches, yellowing, stains, and haze from clear plastic convertible top windows, motorcycle windscreens, boat windshields and portholes, and headlight lens covers.

Net wt. 10 oz.

Meguiars Plastx Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish

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Meguiars Plastx Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish
4.5 Stars based on 20 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Motorcycle windshield looks like NEW!!!!
March 15, 2017
So I bought a motorcycle, great shape, but the windshield was hazy and it appeared the top coating was starting to crack and cobweb. I applied this product and started to see a difference! I applied a couple of coats and then used a plastic pot scraper to remove the old coating. the Plastx seemed to have loosened the coating up to where it came off relatively easy with the scraper. I alternated between Plastx and scraping a few times and now the windshield looks great!! Saved myself a ton of money by not having to buy a new windshield!!!
Easy to use but make sure you follow the directions!

Johnny Angel
Portland, Maine
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good stuff
October 26, 2016
Got a cloudy spot on one of the Mustang tail light lenses. Glass cleaner wouldn't touch it. This product made it go away.
Easy to use and works fast.

Granada Hills, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Meguiars Plastx clear plastic cleaner & polish
August 21, 2016
It does a great job

miami, fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

slightly hazed headlights
August 4, 2016
Applied the product with the yellow cutting sponge on my polisher, let dry, buffed it with the white sponge and they look brand new.
easy to apply, doesn't harm the plastic lens
Dries pretty quick, need to be ready to buff it once it dries

4 Stars

June 22, 2013
I wasn't expecting this to work on my severely "fogged" up Tacoma headlight lenses but damned if it didn't! It cleared up the "fogging" with minimal effort! I do recommend this product!

3 Stars

Not too bad
March 1, 2012
works just ok, will improve clarity but won't remove deeper scratches or really bad fogging/yellow headlights. BUt to be honest, I didn't really expect much from this. But on fairly decent headlights in need of cleaning, there will be a noticeable improvement in clarity and shine from headlight lenses

4 Stars

Not bad
March 1, 2012
Not bad actually. Was not expecting it to do much in terms of restoring lightly dulled headlights. But it does work, there is a noticeable improvement in clarity and sparkle to lenses. Heavier oxidation or scratches will require the severe restoration kit.

5 Stars

works great for plastic
November 10, 2011
great plastic polish, removes light oxidation from headlights, removes light scratches/swirl marks from plastics, works great on anything plastic! i even use it on my cell phone screen to remove the fine scratches! good all around product for anything clear plastic..

3 Stars

for light duty
January 22, 2011
work ok to maintain lens in good condition, dont take this for a restoration

5 Stars

March 29, 2010

5 Stars

Clears up headlights and fixes CDs!
July 28, 2009
I used it to clear up hazy, oxidized headlights. It makes them look like new with the right amount of polishing. It also helps buff CD's to help read through the scratches. Restores all kinds of plastics.

5 Stars

Great product
June 1, 2009
Another great product from Meguiars. You don't need to buy other expensive products for your lenses. This product works, but for an advice, do not use it under heat weather. It will leave swirl marks on your lenses. I also use this product on my interior dome lights cover.

5 Stars

Worth It
August 10, 2008
Works great on headlights, repels water good too

3 Stars

just ok
June 17, 2008
I have used this on my headlight lenses it does help but its not quite as good as you would expect

Tony Gian
5 Stars

I am very pleased
December 13, 2007
This PlastiX is an awesome product

4 Stars

December 5, 2007
I applied this product to some slightly hazy headlights and they cleared up well. I probably did about 5 or so passes on each headlight and they look a lot better. If there are deep knicks or scratches this product won't get them out but minor scratches and light oxidation stand no chance!

Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
5 Stars

Clears up the fog
May 29, 2007
does a great job of cleaning up headlights that are starting to fog up or oxidize...makes old headlights look new and does a good job of cleaning up plastic convertible windows..

4 Stars

April 23, 2007
A nice plastic polish. Easy to use but won't get all light scratches out. Good to use on instrament cluster but won't get 100%.

5 Stars

February 26, 2007

5 Stars

Supeb stuff....
December 31, 2006
This stuff kicks @$$! If you have hazing, build-up, fogging, or scratches this is a must. If doing it by hand you will give you a forearm work outtakes a moderate to heavy elbow grease depending on how bad your lights are? It works best with a Porter Cable...the heat from using the PC is what takes this the crap off the lights. Wipe them off then use some Plexus to shine em and you are back to new again!