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Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Spray Aerosol

Turn up the shine!

Your safety rides on your tires. With only square inches in contact with the pavement at any given time, dry, cracking, aged tires are not what you want to depend on. Protect your tires from the detrimental effects of neglect. Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray keeps your tires young and resilient, while making them look super!

Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray uses water-resistant polymers, combined with anti-ozonant technology (UV inhibitors) to arrive at a formula that lasts for weeks. Through rains and washings, Hot Shine hangs on and keeps your tires looking black and glossy.

The first adjustable width spray nozzle on a tire dressing (patent pending) is found on this product, making a potentially messy job so much neater. No more drips, runs or overspray! Always work on cool clean tires. Adjust sprayer to narrow or wide, depending on the girth of your tires, spray on the shine and walk away. The thick formula penetrates, rejuvenates, nourishes and conditions the rubber, giving an unmistakable high gloss, wet-looking surface that says “pampered.” The glow nicely complements any vehicle.

Control the level of shine by adding another layer, or buffing off excess Hot Shine for a more subtle glow. Excess product should be wiped away anyhow, to avoid sling-off. Expect weeks of gloss and protection with just one application!

15 oz. aerosol
Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Spray Aerosol

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Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Spray Aerosol
5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Spray Aerosol
November 9, 2016
easy to use and looks great
does not blow off on to truck body

San Jose Ca.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

It glows!!!!
October 26, 2016
I really love the shine on my tires, is like a black satin "glowie" that make my car look amazing!!!
get in the mailing list and wait for the discounts they offer (don't tell anybody I told you)

5 Stars

September 9, 2012
This product works great on tires.

Billy vonSteuben
5 Stars

Easy to use
February 13, 2011
Very smooth to apply even coming out from an aerosol can. A short spray goes a long way and it will not spin off the tires when you drive off. Will buy again.

Ezekial Altman
4 Stars

Great Product
April 11, 2010
I use this for my low profile tires and it looks great and is easy to spruce up those dull tires. If you are running rubberbands like I am (30 series tires) the low settings is still a bit too thick. I would much rather use this quick spray to do the tires in 5-10 minutes instea on 20 with sponges and rags.

5 Stars

Excellent Product
May 2, 2009
This works great. We use it on our limo tires, and even after washing, the shine still remains. It does not sling off onto the body of the limo, causing spots. Try it, you will like it!!!

5 Stars

June 2, 2008
I have used this product for years and its the easiest to apply and has the perfect shine for my tires. Meguiars is the best product you can buy !

5 Stars

Tire Shine
October 2, 2007
Great product. Almost no streaking. Had trouble finding tire shine that wouldnt leave a "steaking" look on my tire. Once sprayed on, it stays. Very good shine.

3 Stars

Hot shine
April 23, 2007
This is an OK product. I prefer the spray version better. The spray pattern makes it very difficult to evenly apply tire shine. A little wind and it spray on the side of the car. Durability is decent, but may brown the tires....

5 Stars

Nothing shines better
April 3, 2007
As a proffesional i can tell u nothing works better. It leaves the greatest shine and its a great price.

5 Stars

April 16, 2006
Best Tire Dressing On The Market

Richard Dean
5 Stars

Great Tire Dressing
March 18, 2006
I have tried all types of tire dressing throughout the years and got a free can of this Hot Shine in a Goody Bag at a car show two years ago and it is all i have been using since then. It give nice wet look and is very easy to apply with the three adjustable spray patterns. Simply click the spray head to the desired pattern for your type of tire and spray away great coverage last for a good amount of time and then washes off with a decent wheel cleaner.