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Meguiars Black Wax

Meguiars Black Wax
Clean, polish and protect dark colored vehicles like you never have before!

Meguiars Black Wax is an innovative wax that is designed to produce outstanding levels of gloss on darker colored vehicles. This unique wax doesn’t make use of dyes or colorants, but rather specially blended polymers and micro polishing agents that help polish away and reduce the appearance of minor defects, producing a perfectly flat finish that light radiates off of. Meguiars Black Wax includes a foam applicator for easy application.

Meguiars Black Wax contains a mild blend of abrasives and micro cleaners that enable it to self-prep the surface. That means Meguiars Black Wax cleans, polishes and protects in one simple step. How does this benefit you? Less time waxing your car - that’s how! Meguiars Black Wax allows you to forgo the time consuming polishing step with a pre-wax cleaner because it essentially has one built in. Instead of spending all day laboring over your vehicle’s delicate paintwork, keep it simple with Meguiars Black Wax.

There is one common goal that everyone has with a black or dark colored vehicle – to achieve what appears to be a pool of wet paint. Meguiars is a company that realizes this which is why they came out with a wax designed specially for dark colored vehicles – Black Wax. Through years of careful research and development, Meguiars has found the perfect combination of protective polymers, gloss enhancers, abrasives and micro cleaners to create a formula that produces a level of gloss, depth and clarity that is unheard of on dark colors – all while being exceptionally easy to apply and remove.

7 oz.
Includes applicator

Meguiars Black Wax
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Meguiars Black Wax
4 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
Western MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Meguiars Does It Again
September 23, 2016
I have been using Meguiars products almost exclusively (I have tried a few very expensive so called super products which always disappointed me) since the late 1970's when I became serious about my cars appearance. I started out with the Mirror Glaze product line and evolved through several product lines to the current Ultimate products. I thought Ultimate was the ultimate until I tried Black Wax on my wife's Carbon Black Metallic Buick Regal (I added the Black Wax to an order to get my total over the limit for free shipping). The results were amazing, so much so that I tried it on my Deep Sea Blue Metallic BMW 135i. Again the results were amazing. The Black Wax is also very easy to apply and remove as long it is applied as a thin coating with the supplied foam applicator pad or equivalent and removed with a good microfiber towel. I used Ultimate Compound on the cars before I applied the Black Wax for the first time to prep the paint. I have since used the Black Wax on top of previous applications and the shine get better and the color deeper each time. I will continue with my clay bar/Ultimate Compound ritual in the Spring but I will only use Black Wax from now on or until Meguiars once again introduces a new, superior product. Once you really needed to know what you were doing to get the results you can achieve with Ultimate Compound and Black Wax on dark colored cars.
Shine, color depth, ease of use.

Shrewsbury MA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works well
December 22, 2015
Cleaned the surface very good. Medium easy to use. Wax didn't last as long as most good waxes.
Decent cleaner and good shine for the money.
Did not last very long.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 29, 2015
I maintain a couple of expensive cars it relaxes me plus you make $ because swirls , imperfections, minor scratches both cars drove me crazy tried this a shortcut from what i use to do all in one and it makes me look good
keeps a well maintain car looking great , quick to use , 37 years of using your products

north carolina
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

seems to work
September 10, 2014
it works good but a bit pricey with shipping

2 Stars

Darker, deeper shine?!
June 14, 2014
Above average depth at best. Doesn't really add that much depth, doesn't offer that much protection. Should have been called another type of cleaner wax, and not black wax. Disappointing..
Cleans adequately, leaving an even looking finish
Doesn't make dark paint darker or wetter looking Not cost effective Other cheaper cleaner waxes offer similar if not superior results.

3 Stars

It Ain't Easy
May 22, 2014
I've used a lot of Meguiar's auto care products over the years. I now own my first black truck and bought their Black Wax. Perfect day to wash and wax--cool and overcast. The Black Wax did not remove water spotting, rather it seemed to make them stand out. It took lots of elbow grease to get them out and shine the truck up. Other than that, it's probably premature to rate this product, I cannot comment on its protection or durability. If it's good in those areas, obviously despite the work, my rating would go up and conversely...

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just Ok, not that amazing on dark paint...
May 14, 2014
A good cleaner wax, good depth on dark paint, decent cleaning ability. Expected a lot more depth from this wax, but I've seen more if not similar depth on other cleaner waxes at much lower prices. Durability is again average, I only got the depth and durability I wanted after topping with another wax/sealant. Having said that, I will still get myself another (or maybe the white wax) when I finish my tube of Black Wax. While I (maybe only me) have expected more from this, it cleans well, leaves a nice shiny and even surface, so I will still use this.
Good cleaning ability Improves depth User friendly
Not as much depth as expected Average durability Price-For the price, other cleaner waxes have similar depth and shine A finishing wax is a must for even more depth and durability

5 Stars

Black Wax
September 1, 2013
This product worked great. Easy on, easy off, and great results.

3 Stars

best black wax ever
August 14, 2013
Ihave used every so called for black car wax and this is best in both performance and price . used on 2005 dodge ram pickup, looks better than new

5 Stars

July 13, 2013
Went to Good Guys Fest last month @ The Big E & saw Meguiar"s big truck there. Asked when a waterless wash would be available. They had it! Bought that with the new Balack Wax, White Wax & some other new products. Used www on my 1997 Ford Explorer & was surprised @ how easy it is to use. Then the B.W. I was amazed @ the results! (had it pro det 3 or 4 mos.ago using my Poor Boys instead of their product. Results were great!} Applied it by hand. Next was the Ultimate Paste Wax, then Ultimate Black Restorer on trim. I've NEVER seen results like this-by hand yet! Imagine if I used my P.C.7424XP on it! Couplle days or so later, another layer of Ult Paste Wax. It seems to me that with each app the finish just gets better! After reading reviews on liquid & paste waxes they didn't mention using the black or white wax 1st. This should be done prior to the liquid or paste- I didn't use clay bar either.Yesterday I used the Ult Detailer & again was surprised!.Still have to get our 2013 Nissa Sentra SR done yet- White Wax for that. Even by just using the www 2 or 3 times the finish looks & feels better. 3 weeks ago I started detailing my 1993 Gold Wing (black). Didn't finish yet because of heat & humidity. Got the vinyl & B. W. on it. took me longer because I kept stepping back to admire the finish!! Still have to do chrome,tires, wheels yet & not to forget the Ult Paste Wax. Be advised these products need curing time. Also when removing the B.W. & Paste Wax, I spray the Ult Quick Wax on it- this makes removal easier & enhances the finish even more. I've been doing this kind of work as hobby since mid 60's & used MANY products over the years. NEVER have I used a product that was easy to apply, remove & leave this kind of depth & gloss!!! I'm actually excited about using Meguiar's new product line! Only thing now is how long the results will last.

5 Stars

Great Wax
May 24, 2013
Awesome wax. It's been 6 weeks, since applied and still beading like the first day. Superior shine and brilliance in the paint. Highly recommend for value/ effectiveness.