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Lexol Quick-Wipes Kit Premium Protectant, Conditioner, Cleaner

Lexol Quick-Wipes Kit Premium Protectant, Conditioner, Cleaner
Three excellent Lexol products sold together for ultimate convenience!

Clean and protect all your leather and vinyl in literally minutes with this 3 piece kit from Lexol. The kit contains Lexol’s patented Premium Protectant and their premium leather care system in the convenience of Quick-Wipes. Each pop-top container contains 25 pre-moistened towelettes for fast, easy cleaning and protection of leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Here’s what the kit includes:

25 count Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner
Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner safely and effectively lifts away dirt and foreign particles to reveal like-new leather. Its pH-balanced formula is compatible with leather so it will not contribute to deterioration. Lexol Leather Cleaner easily soaks into the internal fibers. It contains no petroleum solvents or silicones that can be harmful to leather and to you. It is environmentally safe and non-flammable. And nothing works better to lift out oil and wipe it away.

Keep these at hand for accidents, smudges and spills. But they’re also perfect for thorough cleanings and for prepping your leather for Lexol Leather Conditioner.

25 count Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner
Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner completes your leather conditioning and protecting job. The Conditioner nourishes the leather with appropriate lubricants to keep internal fibers soft and flexible. After using Lexol Leather Conditioner in the Quick Wipe form, you will be satisfied with the supple, non-greasy, and inviting feel. Replenishing oils will not migrate to the surface to attract dirt and stain clothes. The finish is a beautiful, rich glow without greasiness or artificial shine.

25 count Quick Wipes Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl
Lexol Premium Protectant is a state of the art protectant that combines cleaning, protection and beautifying properties in an easy to use one-step product. It actually penetrates below the surface layer to restore the underlying plasticizers. Of the five patents that govern silicone protectants, Premium Protectant carries two of them. Lexol Premium Protectant will leave a clean, renewed surface without being too shiny and never oily. It maintains that appearance by preventing degradation due to environmental pollutants.

With these three Quick-Wipes, you can carry your cleaning products wherever you go without dirty cleaning rags and without leaky bottles. Trust Lexol’s name and rely on Lexol’s convenience.

Kit includes:
Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner
Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Conditioner
Lexol Quick-Wipes Premium Protectant for Rubber & Vinyl

A total retail value of $17.85. Save $1.90!

Lexol Quick-Wipes Kit Premium Protectant, Conditioner, Cleaner
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Lexol Quick-Wipes Kit Premium Protectant, Conditioner, Cleaner