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Vinylex Quick-Wipes Protectant For Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic

Vinylex Quick-Wipes Protectant For Vinyl, Rubber, PlasticA patented cleaner/protectant in a convenient Quick-Wipe!

Sometimes you notice things at the strangest times. For example, you may notice your interior vinyl and plastic are in sore need of cleaning while stuck in gridlock. Lexol has made a product just for you. Lexol Vinylex Quick-Wipes Protectant combines their patented formula with the convenience of pre-moistened wipes. The optimal amount is already saturated into a state-of-the-art disposable towelette by DuPont. Quickly clean and restore your vinyl, plastic, and rubber anytime, anywhere.

Lexol turned a two-step clean and protect process, involving messy towels, into a single-step, streamlined action. Dirt and grime are eliminated, while the perfect amount of solvent soaks below the surface to renew the plasticized layer. No preparation and no clean up with Vinylex Quick Wipes! Lexol Vinylex carries two out of the five patents on silicone protectant formulas with the maximum UV sunscreens available. Shield your tires, bumpers, interior and exterior trim, dash, and vinyl tops (while you clean) from the damaging results of radiation, airborne pollutants, and dryness.

Lexol Vinylex Wipes protect and shine all vinyl, plastic, and rubber. Use it on molding, trim, dash, seats, etc.

 Use Vinylex to protect and enhance all your motorcycle's vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces. Vinylex works just as well on your vehicle!

The pop-up dispenser seals the Lexol Vinylex Quick Wipes, so they are always ready for the next use. Each container holds 25 high quality super-absorbent, brawny wipes, pre-doused with Vinylex Protectant. No need to buff when through with your job. Wipe, toss the towel away, and you’re done.

25 ready-to-use quick wipes


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