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Lightning Strike Personal Protection System

If you have a wife or daughter, help protect them with the Lightning Strike®!

The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System is an economical, safe, simple personal safety device designed to ward off attackers. Designed by police officers, the Lightning Strike® is an ultra-bright flashlight that temporarily blinds an attacker. The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System gives women a practical defense tool and peace of mind.

It's a fact that women are more likely to be attacked than men. Women are also less likely to carry a firearm or taser. The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System gives women an effective, nonviolent means of protecting themselves when they are on college campuses, walking alone, or jogging. The Lightning Strike® System is easy to use, requires no training or permit, and it is an effective deterrent for would-be attackers.

Brite Strike Lightning Strike
The Lightning Strike Kit includes the flashlight, personal alarm, leather holster, lanyard, and battery.

The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System consists of two parts. One piece is a slim, tactical flashlight made with  the same precision craftsmanship as the bright flashlights used by law enforcement and military personnel. The Lightning Strike® flashlight emits 65 lumens of brilliant white light to temporarily blind and disorient an attacker.

Lightning Strike Flashlight

The Lightning Strike Flashlight is designed to momentarily blind an attacker with a bright beam of light.

This flashlight is small enough to operate with one hand. The flashlight features a patented "Tactical Touch" end cap switch that allows the user to switch from high to low to strobe settings, all with the light touch of her finger. The cut-away design allows a woman with long fingernails to easily operate the flashlight. The button glows in the dark for easy operation at night, when attacks are more likely. The Lightning Strike Flashlight has a glow-in-the-dark button.

The flashlight comes with a leather quick deployment fashion holster with a “wristy” so the light can be carried on your wrist, or be clipped on the outside of a purse, briefcase or clothing. One AA battery is included.

The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System also includes a 120 decibel personal alarm to scare off attackers. The alarm emits a very loud shrieking sound at the touch of a button. A durable polymer lanyard and neck lanyard are included along with a wrist strap. The personal alarm runs on an included AA battery.

120 dB Personal Alarm

The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System was designed by two police officers as a practical tool to reduce attacks on women. The flashlight's design is based on the tactical flashlights used by police officers, SWAT teams, and the military. Brite Strike builds high performance tactical flashlights not only for law enforcement, but also for safety conscious citizens.

Don't take safety for granted. The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System gives women two simple, effective tools to protect themselves in real life situations.

The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System is a thoughtful gift for college students, joggers, and anyone whose safety is important to you.

Click here to download Brite Strike's self defense course book for free.

  • Max Output: up to 65 lumens
  • Battery: One AA Alkaline (included)
  • Length: 4 inches
  • 65 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Leather Holster With Spring Clip
  • 120 dB Personal Alarm
  • Durable Coiled Polymer Lanyard
  • Wrist Strap
  • 12V Battery
  • Neck Lanyard

Lightning Strike Personal Protection System

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Lightning Strike Personal Protection System