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Lexol Spray Vinylex

Clean and protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic in one step!

Lexol knew they were on to something when they created their Lexol Vinylexover twenty years ago. It cleans and renews any vinyl, rubber or plastic surface with a strong UV screen. It worked so well they patented their formula, and, though many have tried, they can�t duplicate the cleaning and protection of Lexol Vinylex.

Works great on trim, bumpers, dash, and tires!Lexol Vinylex
is a state-of-the-art protectant that combines cleaning, protection and beautifying properties in an easy to use one-step product. It actually penetrates below the surface layer to restore the underlying plasticizers. Of the five patents that govern silicone protectants, Vinylex carries two of them.

Vinylex works on tires, moldings, rubber trim, vinyl seats, dash, and more! Vinylex's patented formula protects all rubber and vinyl.

Lexol Vinylex will leave a clean, renewed surface without being too shiny and never oily. It maintains that appearance by preventing degradation due to environmental pollutants.

Lexol Vinylex is designed to be used on vinyl, rubber, and plastic as found on cars, boats, planes, and motorcycles, as well as other items around the home.

16.9 oz. Spray

Take advantage of our special pricing on the purchase of 2 bottles!

Lexol Spray Vinylex

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Lexol Spray Vinylex
4.5 Stars based on 10 Review(s)
Central Pa.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A must for classic 911 owners and Jeep Wranglers
July 14, 2016
Perfect for all rubber and plastic trim. Classic 911s need this on their accordian bumpers, tea tray whale tails and targa tops. Gives a great deep satin shine that doesn't attract road dust. Perfect for Jeep Wrangler black bumpers and trim.
Doesn't attract road dust, perfect for all rubber and plastic trim.

Big Red Buick
New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Leaves a nice luster
May 20, 2016
Vinylex leaves a nice luster after application without being so shiny it blinds you or greasy to touch. Can't comment on longevity just yet

Prescott, AZ
2 Stars

Disappointing Vinyl Spray
August 8, 2014
I decided to try Vinylex since I had heard it had great UV protection. However, I like a dull, matte finish on the dashboard and Vinylex left a shiny surface. Also, if you are not careful in application, it can leave streaks on your dashboard and window sills. Therefore, I am going to stay with ArmorAll Natural Finish.

Toni Shank
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
May 25, 2014
super product really makes a shine

Portland, OR
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cheaper water-based protectants no more
May 1, 2014
I've used only this product since I bought my car (now 10 years old). Great on interior and tires. You will not regret.

5 Stars

March 31, 2012
I have ben using this product for awhile now and am pleased with the results. Cleans and moisturizes vinyl and rubber and doesn't leave greasy residue.

5 Stars

Excellent Product
September 19, 2010
I've used this product for a few years now and have found it to be a great protectant of vinyl and plastic. I typically use 1Z Einszett to clean interior surfaces and then follow-up with Vinylex on the plastic and vinyl pieces. Works great.

5 Stars

My secret ingredient
October 2, 2007
I have loved Vinylex for at least 15 years. I like it because I don't like shiny looking or greasy feeling vinyl. Vinlyex dries to a non-greasy matt finish. I use a two step approch: first I clean thoroughly (my favorite cleaner is actually a white-wall cleaner Westley's Bleeche-White), rinse and dry. Then I use an old white sock, spray a small amount Vinylex across the part, then spread it and rub off excess with the sock. After it dries, I use the sock and hit the edges again. The key is not to use too much as a little goes a long way. Great stuff.

Don N.
5 Stars

Just right look
April 22, 2007
Good: Gives a nice shine but isn't as fake or shiney as armor all. Bad: If you like a more matt look, this may not be the one for you. Leaves a bit of reflection off windshield. Overall: Great product with a good shiny look to it.

5 Stars

Great Product
December 18, 2006
My sportfisher is in a Socal marina slip with the cockpit vinyl covered bolsters exposed year round. In the first 5 years I owned the boat, I had to have the bolsters recovered twice. No vinyl protector I tried protected them. I read a review of Lexol Vinylex on an auto supply website, so I tried it. Vinylex had done the job - 5 years and the bolsters are still in excellent shape. And the product goes a long way. Even use it on the Sunbrella pilot house cover plastic or vinyl zipper. Keeps it functioning smoothly without chipping. I highly recommend this product.