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Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 16 oz.

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 16 oz.
Like a fine face cream, Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil seeps into the skin and hydrates!

For 30 years Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil has been used by museums, collectors, decorators, and auto enthusiasts all over the world to maintain valuable leather. It is known world wide for its ability to soften and restore even cardboard hard leather back to useful condition. A complex blend of proteins and collagens, with absolutely no oil fillers of any kind. It is totally unlike any other leather product. It will not stain or discolor leather and is perfectly safe even for equestrian use.

Simply massage generously the Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil into the leather with your hands, brush, sponge, or spray bottle, and let it be absorbed into the fibers. Its’ unique capillary action forces proteins into the leather and dirt out! Leather will be glove-soft, luxuriously supple, and strong! Prevents cracking, drying, and tearing.

A good ladies face cream actually shares many ingredients with Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil, including collagen. The face creams work on a process that allows nutrients to seep down into the layers of the skin and help them hydrate (retain moisture), plump the new skin cells, and restore elasticity.

Although it was named Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil by the company's founding fathers, Ty Peck and George Pavlisko, Sr.,
it actually contains no oil fillers such as mineral or petroleum oil. The formula is based on a natural old Swedish Secret and is a complex blend of proteins and collagen that actually restore the tensile strength to the leather, not just sit on top and make it slick and greasy.
It does not harm carpeting or headliners and will also soften rubber door trim and vinyl. Repeated applications, with sufficient permeation time are required for cardboard hard, neglected leather. The enriching formula, once embedded in the leather fibers, continues to condition for several months.

Leatherique Rejuvenator oil Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil contains no Silicon that dries leather and no wax that merely sits on the surface and does nothing for the leather fibers themselves, and eventually wears away. Let's talk a minute about the leather care myth
involving the silicon based and sealer type family of products, including wax. These products do nothing but cause a seal on your leather, vinyl, and rubber, which may provide an attractive finish upon initial application, as all the dried pores are now filled in with the sealer and the surface has a more uniform, glossy appearance. The silicon products do not allow the leather fibers to breath or receive any nourishment. The silicone oil will dissolve out the leather's natural oils and tend to make the leather sticky. Silicone oil's high electrostatic attraction will attract dust, grime, and air pollution to settle in your interior. Another unwanted side effect of the silicone products is the haze that forms on the unporous inside of your wind shield and mirror. The vapors have no place to inconspicuously or invisibly resettle and "haze" on these non-porous surfaces. This cryogenic haze is a chemical reaction to the sun and the chemicals. We absolutely do not recommend these products for any type of leather application.

For Best Results:
Apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally (about 4 oz. per seat) with your hands, massaging the oil well into all the surfaces and natural folds of the leather, this puts natural ingredients, not harsh cleaner, back into the leather and forces out dirt. You may also use a soft sea sponge, or a soft paint type brush.

Also apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally nearer the stitched areas as the conditioner will be able to migrate laterally well into the hide. If possible, park the car in the sun with the windows rolled up to create a "steam room" for as long as practical, several hours or a day. In cooler weather, or for long-term storage in a garage, cover the seats with plastic wrap, and "warm" with a hair dryer.

Allow the oil to be absorbed into the fibrous side of the leather before putting the top down in a convertible. Direct sun is the worst enemy of any automobile interior or home upholstery. Do not place home or office leather upholstery in direct sun. For "cardboard hard" leather, several applications will be necessary. Patience will be rewarded with good results. Note: We strongly advise against saddle soap, as it has been known to remove the dye from the leather.

16 oz.

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 16 oz.
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Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 32 oz.
Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 32 oz.

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Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 32 oz.
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Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil 16 oz.
4.5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
5 Stars

Great Stuff
February 27, 2013
I've tried numerous leather treatments over a 23 year period and this stuff is by far the best around. Keeps my Audi/VW leather looking new and soft. Does work well to prevent seat cracking.

5 Stars

Best there is
December 21, 2012
I've been using this for 4 years now. Before that I used to use Connolly's Hide Food for my BMW's and Mercs. There is no comparison. Connolly might have the name, but Leatherique delivers the results, leaving my leather supple and non-greasy where Connolly's delivered no suppleness and left a nasty greasy residue. It's also way easier to remove than the nasty sticky Connolly's product. A note of caution: cover your seatbelts with cling wrap film and cover your carpets with old towels as this stuff will stain belts and carpets

Save the cow
4 Stars

The detail gods
November 23, 2012
This is simply the best product you can buy for leather, trust the gods, it works. Two thumbs up with a side order of five stars.

Chris Aliberti
2 Stars

Okay but not a miracle
October 1, 2012
3 applicaitons so far on 1993 300ZX seats. they were cardboard hard and now they are semi-cardboard hard. I'll keep trying

Brian S
5 Stars

Great Product
August 11, 2009
I have used this on my leather seats for my 03 S8 and I can truly say that my seats are in better condition and softer than when I bought the car. Highly recommend this product

Matthew Current
5 Stars

Invest in your leather seats, use a product that works. Try this.
April 4, 2009
This product truly performs as advertised. This is one of the best leather care products on the market. Popular names like Lexol, Meguiars, even Wolfgang just do no measure up. This comes from a company that has 50 years doing nothing other than making lether care products. This is a real, functional product for keeping your car learther, furniture, and shoes in excellent condition. Give Leatherique a call if you have any questions, they have wonderful and honest customer service and stand behind their product. Why risk damaged leather seats and spending hundreds of dollars to replace them? Use this product to restore and maintain the seats you have. It's more expensive than other products, sure, but it's worth ever penny in the long run. This is a product that everyone who has any leather should own.

Swampeast Mike
5 Stars

Wonderful Product
July 8, 2008
With both pre- and post-cleaning, Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil restored a very high quality (but very neglected) all-leather interior to nearly new condition. "Cooking" the car in the sun after applying the Rejuvenator OIl is required and it really does bring out all sorts embedded grime. Seams that I knew previously looked clean were filled with grime. Creases on the verge of cracking were eliminated. The perforated leather sections in the seat bottoms and backs are pristine. The center console top and driver door arm rest were so filthy I thought they would have to be replaced. Not so! Even the stitching is perfectly clean! After a few days I noticed that all of the leather was softer and more subtle. The odor brought back childhood memories of a long-gone shoe repair shop. It took a full 16-oz bottle for one treatment and I had to be a bit skimpy on the rear seat back, rear console and door panels. For a similar car (mine a '99 STS) with all-leather interior I would recommend buying by the quart.

5 Stars

June 24, 2008
I was floored by the results in my BMW Sand interior!!!!

5 Stars

Stunning results
December 27, 2007
I hadn't touched the leather on my Landcruiser for the 7 years that I had owned it, and it was starting to show. The leather was starting to crack a bit and it had slowly accumulated dirt, body oils, etc. After one application of the Leatherique Oil and Leatherique Cleaner (you need them both to do it right) the seats seemed like brand new. It was quite a stunning revival. I was even more impressed after using it on my 2 year old Lexus GS. Again, after just one application the seats actually seemed softer than they were when it was brand new. Even 2 months after application, I still find myself admiring the feel of that leather. And the true leather smell (especially after the car sits in the warm sun for a few hours) almost makes the car seem new again. One caveat: this stuff is not for someone who just wants to spray something on and walk away from it. To do it right, you must work liberal amounts of the conditioning oil into the leather, let the vehicle bake in the hot sun for as long as you can (a couple of days is ideal), then come through and clean up the dirt, sweat, grime, etc. that floated to the surface using the cleaner. If you can invest the time and effort, you will not be disappointed with the results. You'll wish that you had done it sooner.

5 Stars

Amazing Stuff
March 17, 2007
By far the best leather conditioner I have tried! After trying all the common leather conditioners you find at parts stores up to the best common on the shelf products like Lexol and Meguiar's (both good products), Rejuvenator Oil is in another league. Instead of leaving behind an oily or tacky finish on the surface that only lasts a few days, this stuff really gets into the leather to strengthen and protect it. In fact because it actually penetrates and soaks into leather, it is the first step in cleaning! Most other products have you clean first then add the conditioner. All this does is clean the surface leaving all that grit and grime deep in your leather. Leatherique’s method has you apply the Rejuvenator Oil first to soak into the leather. After it has soaked into the pours and fibers of the leather, all the dirt and grime floats out of the leather to the surface. You then clean all this grime with the Pristine cleaner. It really does work! My BMW M3’s Nappa leather seats were like cardboard and starting to crack from neglect of the previous owner. Rejuvenator Oil has brought my seats back to their original soft supple feel. It has also brought back that wonderful leather smell. Not from perfumes or scent of the product itself but the actual real leather smell of my seats! Highly recommended!

5 Stars

Very good product
October 14, 2006
I use this on my Cadillac's leather interior, my Allen-Edmonds shoes, and a leather sofa we have.