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Foamed Wool 6.5 x 1 Thick Polishing / Buffing Pad

Foamed Wool 6.5 x 1 Thick Polishing / Buffing Pad

The perfect marriage of wool and foam pads.

Foamed Wool 6.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pads feature patented nanofoam particles that encapsulate the base of the wool fibers to help prevent caking and matting. These manufactured Foamed Wool pads polish like a wool pad but finish like a foam pad, giving your vehicle’s paint the best qualities of each.

Natural wool pads have a tendency to become frayed, matted, and begin linting. The deterioration of a wool pad results in a pad that provides less cushion between the buffer and the paint, and the matted wool poses a greater risk of scratching the paint.

Lake Country’s Foamed Wool is a patented process whereby microscopic polyfoam particles encapsulate the base of the wool pad. You can feel how the wool is tighter and denser than a regular wool pad. This enables the Foamed Wool 6.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pads to stand up to the stress of polishing better with less caking and matting and better results. The Foamed Wool encapsulation process locks the lambswool fibers in place to significantly reduce linting. The paint surface will stay cleaner as you work with less to clean up when you’re finished detailing.

Foamed Wool also creates tiny air pockets at the base of the wool fibers. This is essentially trapped air that improves the cushioning provided by the pad and the retention of compounds and polishes. Just like the cells of foam absorb products, these minute air pockets retain products so none is wasted.

All these features are great, but we know you’re really concerned about performance. Foamed Wool 7 inch Buffing/Polishing Pads are capable of removing 1500 grit scratches, leaving a smooth finish with no hazing and few, if any, compounding swirls. These pads finish more like a foam pad than a wool pad so you have to do less finishing work to get a perfect shine.

Lake Country’s Foamed Wool 6.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pads are manufactured for consistency and quality. Natural wool has a lot of variances and this can lead to inconsistent pad performance. That will never be a problem with the Foamed Wool 6.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pads.

These pads are recommended for dual action and circular (rotary) buffers. We recommend the 6 inch Hook & Loop Rotary Flexible Backing Plate or Dual Action Hook & Loop Flexible 6 inch Backing Plate for this 6.5 inch pad.

To wash Foamed Wool Pads, dissolve 1 scoop of DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator in 3-4 gallons of water. Soak used pads for up to 15 minutes and use a brush to agitate if needed. Rinse and air dry face down to allow the water to drain away from the hook & loop backing.

Wool encapsulated in nanofoam particles gives you results like you’ve never seen before with a conventional wool pad. Foamed Wool 6.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pads from Lake Country use the modern technology of foam to bring the wool pad to a whole new level of performance.

6.5 inch pad.

Foamed Wool 6.5 x 1 Thick Polishing / Buffing Pad
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Qty 6 Pack Foamed Wool 6.5 Inch Polishing/Buffing Pads6 Pack Foamed Wool 6.5 Inch Polishing/Buffing Pads - LC-58-4265-6
Our Price: $49.99
Save $27.95 when you purchase 6 pads with one centering post! ...more
Qty Foamed Wool 3.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pad, spot polish with Lake Country Foamed Wool Pad, wool buffing pad, small wool padFoamed Wool 3.5 inch Buffing & Polishing Pad - LC-58-4235
Our Price: $4.99, 3/$12.99
Why choose between wool and foam? This pad gives you both. The Foamed Wool 3.5 inch Buffing/Polishing Pad features ...more
Qty Foamed Wool 4 inch Buffing & Polishing Pad, wool polishing pad, foam wool pad, foam polishing pad, buffing pad, purple wool pad, lake country Foamed Wool 4 x 1 inch Buffing & Polishing Pad - LC-58-42425
Our Price: $5.99, 3/$14.99
Spot polish with the correcting ability of wool and the smooth finish of foam. The Foamed Wool 4 inch ...more
Qty Foamed Wool 7.5 inch Polishing/Buffing Pad, purple wool pad, lake country, dual action wool pad7.5 inch Foamed Wool Polishing / Buffing Pad - LC-58-4275
Our Price: $14.99, 3/$39.99
Sale Price: $12.99
Get the leveling ability of wool with the fine finish of a foam pad. The Foamed Wool 7.5 inch Buffing/Polishing ...more

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Foamed Wool 6.5 x 1 Thick Polishing / Buffing Pad
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Davenport, IA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wool buffing pad
April 15, 2015
This wool buffing was purchased as an alternative to using terry and microfiber bonnets to remove the wax haze. I would go through two or three bonnets each time I waxed my Jaguar. I was concerned that this wool pad would compress (the fibers would flatten out and reduce its effectiveness), however, that has not been the case. I can buff the entire car using the same buffing pad. The fibers of this pad stay "vertical" while buffing and the pad looks exactly like it did when I first received it. The pad does a great job of removing the wax haze without leaving any swirls.

5 Stars

Good for gel coat
September 23, 2011
On AutoGeek customer service's recommendation I'm using these foamed wool pads on my moderately oxidized metal flake boat and they work really well. I'm using a PC 7424XP with Meguiar's One Step Compound. A few passes on 4 1/2 to 5 speed setting does the trick. I've cleaned it up twice using plain ol' Dawn and a medium bristle "fingernail" brush and it's come back near new. Good purchase.

5 Stars

Good Pad
April 3, 2009
This pad did great cutting through heavily oxidized gelcoat. Lasts reaIatively long too. I was able to do the whole boat with two pads.

5 Stars

Best Light cutting pad out there
July 13, 2007
If you're looking for a medium cut correction pad, look no further. This pad produces moderate correction without leaving holograms and swirls so commonly left by other wool pads. Used with Men's SIP, it's just outstanding.

Best Pads Ever
5 Stars

Jon B.
June 25, 2007
This pads are great for remove light oxidation.