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Custom UVS Heat Shield

Custom UVS Heat Shield
Custom-fit windshield sunshade to keep things cool!

Keep your cool and your interior looking hot with Covercraft’s ultraviolet heat shield. It greatly reduces interior temperature while protecting your interior from the sun’s damaging rays that come through the front windshield. The outward-facing surface is high-quality silver reflective fabric; the inside is soft pellon felt. Both fabrics are laminated to a foam board which acts as an insulator to reduce heat build-up. Especially in places like down here in South Florida where the sun can be pretty brutal year around, keeping the temperature inside your car from going through the roof is much appreciated.

Covercraft UVS Heat Shields are a perfect fit!Protection. All day in the hot sun takes a toll on the condition of your car whether you like it or not. Radiation that enters through your car’s windshield quickly turns the inside of your car into an inferno while the interior surfaces bake. This eventually causes deterioration of leather, vinyl, rubber, fabric and fibers. Lovely, like-new vinyl, rubber and leather surfaces dry, harden, and crack just as skin does when spending too much time in the sun unprotected. Carpet and fabric surfaces will dull and fade—and you can’t bring them back to life.

The UVS100 ultraviolet heat shield helps reduce heat build-up and completely blocks out the sun. The custom fit (over 400 styles) means a perfect fit—no fumbling and fighting to keep it in place. Simply unfold the heat shield, position it across the inside of your windshield, and lower your visors to hold it in place. It fits snuggly and stays put while the car stays significantly cooler. Interior surfaces remain cool and protected. When it’s time to set out again, remove your heat shield, fold it up accordion-style. I’d advise adding the optional storage bag to your order to keep your heat shield in new condition. In your trunk or back seat it stays neatly protected. If you live in an area that you don’t need it year around, it will be safely waiting for you come next summer.

Covercraft Custom UVS Heat Shields block the sun!
Normal fitment: Some applications fit perfectly snug at all four corners.
Covercraft Custom UVS Heat Shields keep your interior cooler
Normal fitment: Some applications require extra room (top and sides).
Please note: Fitment may vary from vehicle to vehicle due to windshield and dashboard design and in vehicle safety systems. If you have a particular question about your application, please give us a call at 1-800-869-3011.
Four New Colors Available

*This is a custom fit product. Due to manufacturer delays, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Express shipping and International shipping are not available on this item.

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Custom UVS Heat Shield
Item #: UV-100
Our Price: $59.99

Enter-Make, Model, Year of Vehicle
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
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Custom UVS Heat Shield Qty of 2
Custom UVS Heat Shield Qty of 2

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Custom UVS Heat Shield Qty of 2
UV-100-2Our Price:  $119.98Sale price:  $99.99

Make, Model, Year of Vehicle:
Color:  Quantity:
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Storage Bag

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days


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Custom UVS Heat Shield
4.5 Stars based on 19 Review(s)
Jimmy Dean Plataka
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Custom UVS Heat Shield
May 10, 2015
Blocks the heat and sun rays. Very heavy duty. Fits perfectly.
Blocks the heat and sun rays. Very heavy duty. Fits perfectly.

Huntsville, AL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!
December 22, 2014
Great fit, quality product!
Ease of use, coverage

West Palm Beach, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice Fit
September 19, 2014
Easy to install and store.

John Govenettio
Western New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sun shade is very high quality
July 19, 2014
The shade fit very well and is made of quality materials. I am very pleased with the shade.

Randy Fulk
Frederick, MD
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best Heat Shield for your car
June 14, 2014
I have uned this same type of heat shield in my cars for the past 15 years. I was also glad that Autogeek had a listing for my 2014 GLK250. Construction is very good and will last the lifetime of the car. It is approxamently 3/8 inches thick and folds alike an accordion for easy flat storage.
Great construction and will last a lifetime. I would also consider purchasing the storage bag for off seasons.

Scuba Steve
Coral Springs, FL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

U.V. rays protection
June 7, 2014
My experience with the product is that it does not lower the interior car temperature, but it does protect the interior from UV rays which fade and deteriorates the car. Some other reviewers stated that after a few years their heat shield deteriorated, well then I think the heat shield has done it's job. I would prefer the heat shield deteriorate rather than my interior.
U.V. protection
Little effect on lowering the car's interior temp.

Southern California
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Lowers interior temps
May 2, 2014
This heat shield is very good at reducing interior temperatures. My steering wheel was too hot to touch before I got this Covercraft heat shield. Now, interior temperatures are much lower than before. The quality of construction is very good. I have this heat shield on my Mustang and Fiesta ST.

kansas summer sun
2 Stars

to hot to handle
July 19, 2012
I purchased this product a couple of summers ago and am now looking for a replacement. The fabric on the interior side gets incredably HOT. It fits like a glove but - 'the HOT Potatoe right out of the oven' - you litterally can not hold on to it!

1 Stars

Custom UVS Heat Shield
September 14, 2011
Paid good money for this item and 2 years later tiny fabric materials are breaking down on the backside of this Heat shield Visor and it's getting all over the inside of the truck so now I must buy something else to replace this high cost/poorly made item!

Tim M
5 Stars

Great product
June 24, 2011
This covers my VW Phaeton windshield very nicely. Easy to put up and easy to take down. Get the bag, it stores the cover nicely. June 2011

5 Stars

Best Sunshade
April 24, 2011
I have had mine for 4 yrs and it has work exceedingly well

5 Stars

Good Product
November 19, 2010
I got mine on sale for $49.99 and got the bag for another $5. It is an excellent product. It can be a little difficult to pop in at the corners but it does a great job of keeping the interior dash area cool. I use it when I am camping in the summer at lakes. Keeps my interior nice and cool. Worth the $50.

S. Dennison
5 Stars

UVS100 UV heat shield
August 15, 2010
Arguably the best product of this type, and well worth the price!

Zac Matson
5 Stars

94 Honda Prelude Custom UVS Shield
July 15, 2010
WOW!! I went from a flimsy generic sun shade to this custom fit heat shield and am VERY impressed by how well it is made and how well it fit in my vehicle, it is truly a custom fit piece. Highly recommended!

5 Stars

Great Quality
September 9, 2008
Had to wait a week but it was worth the wait. This is the best sun shade I'v ever owned or seen. It's way better than buying one from the local auto parts store.

5 Stars

Wonderful product
August 14, 2008
This shade was part of my second order from Autogeek and I couldn't be happier. The shade works wonderfully and was well-worth the price and the wait. My car went from "broiling" to actually comfortable to sit down in with the shade and this means a lot since my car is black.

5 Stars

Sun Buster
March 31, 2007
Being in the southwest where the sun shines about 350 days a year and the summers routinely reach 100, this sunshade beats back the sun and the heat.... The shade is almost a half inch thick with one side reflective and the other side with a thick felt. The fit was perfect. Delivery was fast. I would definitely recommend!!

Tyler S.
5 Stars

Great fit
August 13, 2006
Great fit,excellent build quality,highly recommend

5 Stars

Best Sunshade
May 27, 2006
Great fit, quick shiping.