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Griots Garage Undercarriage Spray 128 oz.

Griots Garage Undercarriage Spray 128 oz.
Enhance those hard-to-reach undercarriage areas.

Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray is a concealer for wheel wells and other black undercarriage components that are tough to clean. With just a spray, these surfaces will look instantly cleaner. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray is a detailer's secret to make your undercarriage look as good as the rest of your vehicle!

If you're like many detailers, the undercarriage is the last thing you clean on your vehicle. Its messy and hard to reach. But a true detailing perfectionist never forgets the details. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray helps you enhance those hard-to-clean underbody areas so your entire vehicle looks impeccable.

We're not saying you should never clean the undercarriage. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray will keep these areas looking good until you have time for a proper cleaning. It hides the dirty spots. In the meantime, your vehicle will look like you've thought of every detail.

Use Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray on wheel wells, frame, springs, and all of the other black items underneath the body. It makes wheel wells look like new and any visible parts of the undercarriage will look just-detailed.

Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray

Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray touches up dull and dirty undercarriage areas.

Detailing is all in the details! Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray keeps your vehicle's undercarriage looking good between cleanings. Just a little effort makes a big improvement.

128 oz. Refill

Griots Garage Undercarriage Spray 128 oz.
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Griots Garage Undercarriage Spray 128 oz.
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars

Excellent Product
July 9, 2012
Very easy to use and blackens up the wheel wells nicely. It will not last as long as some other dressings however the ease of use and looks earns this 5 stars in my book. If used lightly it will not run or drip. I do not wipe this product in, I just spray on and leave. I have a gallon jug in my cart for my next order.