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Griots Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner 35 oz.

Griots Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner 35 oz.
Prepare your vehicle for a clean, clear shine!

Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner cleans and conditions auto paint after polishing to restore maximum gloss before wax application. Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner prepares the paint to accept a wax or paint sealant for the best looking, longest lasting finish. Don't wax without it!

Professional detailers have known for years that you should use a prewax cleaner to clean and condition the paint after polishing and before applying wax or sealant. Minute polish residue can remain on the paint surface and may be difficult to remove. Richard Griot developed this Pre-Wax Cleanser so you can safely, quickly and easily prepare the paint surface to accept wax or sealant.

Made from a carefully blended combination of citrus oil and surfactants, Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner won't harm the paint, and it is fast and easy to use. Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner instantly lifts polish residue and anything else that might interfere with the bonding of the wax or sealant. It's especially useful for cleaning around body seams and emblems, where polish residue may tough to remove. The spray formula makes it easy to clean crevices and grooves.

Once the paint is properly cleaned and conditioned with Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner, the wax or paint sealant will bond to the paint, uninhibited. The finish will look cleaner, clearer, and the wax may even last longer.

Simply spray Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner onto a freshly polished vehicle and wipe dry with a soft microfiber towel. It's that easy. Next apply Griot's Garage Best of Show Wax or Paint Sealant.

Before you wax, prepare your paint finish for the best possible shine with Griot's Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner.

35 oz.

Griots Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner 35 oz.
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Griots Garage Pre-Wax Cleaner 35 oz.
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5 Stars

July 8, 2013
great product