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Griots Garage New Car Scent

Griots Garage New Car Scent
Freshen up your vehicle with Griot's car scents.

Griot's Garage New Car Scent makes your car interior smell like you just drove it home from the dealership! You maintain your vehicle in new car condition - now it will smell as good as it looks.

If your vehicle looks and feels clean, it should smell clean, too. Griot's Garage Car Scents freshen the air inside your vehicle with pleasant, not-too-strong fragrances. Cover up foul smells or just enhance your driving experience with a nice aroma.

Griot's Garage New Car Scent lasts about a week. Spritz the scent under each seat. You can also saturate a small sponge and place it under the seat near an air vent to circulate the smell.

Griot's Garage New Car Scent is the perfect finishing touch to a clean, well-detailed interior.

4 oz.

Griots Garage New Car Scent
Item #: GR-11229
Our Price: $6.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Griots Garage New Car Scent
3 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Sugar Land, Texas
1 Stars

I agree with Jack - Doesn't smell good at all
May 12, 2015
It truly does smell like a smoker's car! It's identical to those well used rental Fords from Hertz in which previous renters had smoked. Thankfully, at least the smell is gone within a day. I was willing to roll the dice for $7 despite what I had read... now I know for sure.

2 Stars

Not that great
July 9, 2014
Has a fresh smell but more like a barbershop than a new car.

2 Stars

Doesn't smell good at all
September 27, 2011
Bought this based on the other reviews that it actually smells nice, but actually it doesn't smell like a new car at all. When I got it, I figured I would take the cap off and smell it and it smelled like a smokers car with flood damage. I tried it anyway, the smell didn't change. Thankfully, it wears off in less than a day.

5 Stars

smells brand spankin' new
March 24, 2010
this spray is a great sent, recommended!

Bob M
5 Stars

A Fantastic Scent
February 24, 2010
Great Product..A very fresh smell without that fake smell. Highly recommend.