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Griots Garage Bug Barricade 22 oz.

Griots Garage Bug Barricade 22 oz.
Apply an invisible shield to make bug removal easier with Bug Barricade

Griot's Garage Bug Barricade is a insect stain preventer! Apply a clear protective barrier to your vehicle's leading edges to make it easier to remove insects. Griot's Garage Bug Barricade helps prevent bug etching and keeps the paint looking cleaner. Don't get on the highway without it!

Griot's Garage Bug Barricade is better than a bug remover - it's a bug shield! Spray on a transparent barrier that blocks insects from coming into direct contact with the paint. Griot's Garage Bug Barricade makes it difficult for bugs to stick to the paint. The next time you wash or quick detail your vehicle, insect remains are much easier to remove. The insects are also much less likely to penetrate the Bug Barricade coating and etch the paint.
Protection from bug assaults is as simple as spraying and wiping exposed areas!

Griot's Garage Bug Barricade is an additional layer of protection on top of car wax. It provides protection that's targeted against sticky, stubborn bugs. Bug Barricade is crystal clear in the bottle and on the paint.

For the best results, apply Griot's Garage Bug Barricade to the leading edges of the vehicle, such as the front edge of the hood, the mirror casings, and the bumper.

Even with Griot's Garage Bug Barricade, the best rule of thumb is to remove insects as soon as you can. Over time, insect remains can bake to the paint. Bug Barricade makes bug removal much easier and helps preserve your existing wax.

After washing, drying and waxing your vehicle, apply Bug Barricade to the front surfaces of your vehicle to form a protective layer that makes the dreaded bugs wash off easily during your next wash cycle or a quick spray of Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailer.

Go on the offensive against bugs! Use Griot's Garage Bug Barricade to protect your vehicle from the effects of insects.

22 oz.

Griots Garage Bug Barricade 22 oz.
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Griots Garage Bug Barricade 22 oz.
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Dallas, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Bug Repellant for your Car
October 26, 2016
I had a good experience with this product. Rather than bugs sticking to my front grill and hood the bug barricade did make it much easier to spray the bugs off. Similar to Rainex for your front bodywork.

5 Stars

Works great
August 12, 2010
I used this on our 2008 Mazda 5 before we drove 800 miles roundtrip on vacation. As ashamed as I am to admit this, I didn't get around to washing the car for a month. The bugs still came off very easily. It probably helped that I applied Griots paint sealant right before the trip too, but I think the Bug Off helped too.