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Diamondite® Glass Repair System Kit for Machine Application

Diamondite® Glass Repair System Kit <i>for Machine Application</i>
The next best thing to replacing the glass.

Polish scratches out of glass with the Diamondite Glass Repair Kit. Polishing glass sounds intimidating but Diamondite has taken the fear out of glass correction with this user-friendly kit. These products and special applicators are designed to eliminate mild to moderate scratches and mineral etchings with zero risk to the glass.

The Diamondite Glass Repair Kit targets more noticeable scratches than the Glasswork Kit. Larger, pyramid-shaped abrasives and specialized applicators give this kit more punch to tackle scratches and etchings that fine grade polishes can’t touch.

The Diamondite Glass Repair Kit includes:
  • 4 oz. Glass Resurfacing Crème
  • 4 oz. Glass Poli-Shield
  • 3 7/8” Rotary backing plate
  • 1 DA adapter
  • 1 Gel Applicator Pad
  • 2 Leveling discs
  • Instructions

    Glass Resurfacing Crème

    Formulated just for moderate scratches in glass, DIamondite Glass Resurfacing Creme contains specially milled abrasives that smooth the edges of scratches until the glass appears visibly smooth. The abrasives are pyramid-shaped to provide more leveling ability yet they still break down into a fine powder to prevent unnecessary abrasion. Ample lubrication protects the glass from micro-marring and distortion. Glass Resurfacing Creme removes mineral etching and mild to moderate scratches to leave glass smooth and clear.

    Glass Poli-Shield

    Automotive glass protection should be as commonplace as paint protection. Diamondite Glass Poli-Shield is tough protection against everyday assailants, including industrial fallout, tree sap mist, bugs, hard water, and rail dust. This polymer sealant bonds to the glass, filling in its microscopic grooves, to completely block out environmental pollution and moisture. Because Poli-Shield is water-based, the sealant forms a crystal clear barrier against the elements. Plus, DIamondite Glass Poli-Shield reduces surface tension to repel water and oil, and to resist the bonding of most contaminants. Poli-Shield maintains the glass’ clarity and locks in the results you have achieved with Diamondite Glass Resurfacing Creme.

    Before you begin…

    Clean the glass with Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner to remove any loose debris or dirt. Mount the backing plate to your orbital or rotary polisher.

    Step 1 – Glass Resurfacing Creme

    Press an included leveling disc onto the backing plate. Apply an X of Diamondite Glass Resurfacing Creme across the pad. Spread the polish over an area of about 6 x 8 inches with the drill turned off to prevent splatter. Operate the polisher at between 800-1000 RPM or 3000-4000 OPM. Use caution around chips and cracks. Polish for approximately two minutes, or until the creme starts to dry. Wipe off the residue with a damp cloth.

    Step 2 - Glass Poli-Shield

    Remove the leveling disc and replace it with the Gel Applicator Pad. Apply an X of Diamondite Glass Poli-Shield across the pad and turn the polisher on between 800-1000 RPM. Work in an overlapping motion until a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area has been covered. You are just applying product so there is no need to apply pressure. Wipe the surface clean using a microfiber towel.

    The Diamondite Glass Repair Kit treats the glass on 3-4 vehicles.

    For regular cleaning, use Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner in the aerosol or pump spray.

  • Diamondite® Glass Repair System Kit for Machine Application
    Item #: DIA-4000
    Our Price: $59.99
    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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    Diamondite Glass Repair System Kit for Machine Application
    4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
    5 Stars

    Great Product
    November 2, 2010
    I recently purchased this kit to remove the scratches out of my windshield. My windshield was in pretty bad shape. I just wish I would have purchased more leveling pads. Other than that the product worked just as described. People said my windshield looked a 100% better. Thanks again for the great product.

    5 Stars

    Unbelievable Product
    March 16, 2009
    My 1986 Nissan 300ZX sat in the hot AZ sun for 24 years, leaving the glass opaque with oxidation and mineral deposits. To replace the glass would have cost me many hundreds of dollars; some pieces are no longer available. The Diamondite Glass Repair System Kit worked as promised; my windows look brand new. (Given the extreme oxidation on my windows, I had to purchase two kits and repeat the application process multiple times).

    Bill Smith
    5 Stars

    Good system
    February 14, 2009
    Worked as described

    Kevin Hoskins
    1 Stars

    Not worth the money
    February 13, 2009
    I purchased this product to remove some scratches that my wife had on her windshield and passenger windows. The product arrived very quickly from and I was pleased with the shipping speed, however the product didn't work as described by the manufacturer and surely did not produce results that were shown in the demonstrative photographs. This product did not diminish any scratches on the glass let alone remove them.