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Four Star Detailing Clay

Four Star Detailing Clay
Create a slick, clean shine like polished glass!

Four Star Detailing Clay quickly and easily removes harmful contaminants from your vehicle’s paint to protect it from corrosion. This synthetic clay bar leaves all types of paint, glass and chrome silky smooth and perfectly clean.

Four Star Detailing Clay removes road tar, industrial fallout from factories, paint overspray, brake dust, bugs, environmental contaminants, and rail dust. These contaminants become lodged in the paint and serve as a starting point for oxidation to creep underneath the clear coat. Four Star Detailing Clay removes contaminants to clean and preserve the paint.

Four Star Detailing Clay is a synthetic, all purpose grade of clay. It is formulated for use once or twice a year to thoroughly clean the paint. It removes old wax and contamination to leave the paint perfectly clean and smooth. This safe, nonabrasive grade of detailing clay can be used on paint, glass, chrome, and fiberglass finishes.

To clay your vehicle, spray a 2 x 2 ft area with Four Star Clay Lubricant. Glide the clay bar across the wet area. There is no need to apply pressure. The clay will grab initially as it picks up contamination. When it glides freely, the paint is clean. Wipe off the area with a Cobra Microfiber Towel and move on to the next section. Always apply wax or a sealant after using detailing clay.

Use Four Star Detailing Clay for a clean, smooth shine on paintwork, chrome, glass, and fiberglass.

200 grams

Four Star Detailing Clay
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Four Star Detailing Clay