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EZ Detail Brush Mini

Clean the most intricate motorcycle surfaces with this miniature detail brush!

The EZ Detail Brush Mini is a smaller version of the popular EZ Detail Motorcycle Brush. With this compact detail brush, you can now clean in smaller spaces to totally eliminate brake dust, mud, and grime. The EZ Detail Brush Mini is perfect for motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, and any vehicle with hard-to-clean spaces.

The EZ Detail Brush Mini is an excellent tool for cleaning between spokes, forks, and other motorcycle components. The soft bristles will absolutely not scratch clear-coated wheels, chrome or aluminum. Because the inner stem of the brush bends, intricate wheels are no problem for the EZ Detail Brush Mini.

The EZ Detail Brush is designed to clean the intricate ins and outs of motorcycles and the Mini goes even deeper! The inner workings of a motorcycle are all exposed to the outside world. Dirt and grime hide in all the nooks and crannies where it can be seen but not cleaned. To solve this common problem, the EZ Detail Brush Mini was invented to squeeze into the tight places and thoroughly clean these surfaces without scratching the metal.

EZ Detail Brush Mini

The EZ Detail Brush Mini is made of soft, Nylon Nylex bristles that gently loosen dirt from metal surfaces without scratching or dulling the metal. The bristles have a memory design which allows them to always return to their original shape. They are resistant to chemicals so you can use any kind of cleaner with the EZ Detail Brush Mini.

Vinyl is bonded to the tip of the brush and a non-scratch sleeve covers the space between the handle and the bristles so that no part of the brush can scratch. The contoured handle is easy to hold and features a rubber knuckle guard. A vinyl coated flexible stem allows the brush to conform to every curve on your bike or vehicle.

EZ Detail Brush Mini cleans spokes, pipes, forks, and all hard to clean spaces.

The EZ Detail Brush Mini cleans between spokes, pipes, forks, and all other intricate car and motorcycle surfaces.

The EZ Detail Brush Mini measures 2.5” wide and 13” long. However, the bristles flatten to allow the brush to fit virtually anywhere. Use the EZ Detail Brush Mini to clean between spokes, grills, pipes, around bumpers, mufflers, engines, between the forks, by the chain, and anywhere else that conventional cleaning tools will not fit.

Clean motorcycles, boats, bicycles, cars, trucks, wheelchairs, ATVs, planes, and anything else that has hard-to-clean nooks and crannies. The EZ Detail Brush Mini cleans all compact spaces to leave your motorcycle impeccably clean!

Made in the U.S.A.

13" long by 2.5" wide

EZ Detail Brush Mini

Our Price: $14.99
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EZ Detail Brush Mini
5 Stars based on 8 Review(s)
Georgetown, Ma
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 23, 2016
Works well

California, United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice Product
May 12, 2015
Construction is simple but performs well

Doc C3
Chicago, illinois
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect for those for tight places
May 8, 2015
This brush is great for washing those tight , limited access places on a motorcycle. The brush bends and can be worked into areas that cannot be cleaned any other way. The soft tip on the brush end allows you to for in blind corners without worrying about damaging your bike.
Flexible and small enough to fit into tight spaces.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

EZ Detail Brush
July 7, 2014
Great for engine detail and other tight spots like in the gas cap area or along roof rack trim. The main part is flexable so it will work into tight spots and the bristles are soft so it won't scratch!

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

EZ Mini Detail Brush
June 5, 2014
Great little brush for cleaning dirt from tight areas. I own the large brush as we'll and use it for cleaning everything from cars, lawn equipment, motorcycles and 4 wheelers.
Does the job without scratching --- very playable
protective end cap on tip tend to fall off and can cause scratches if you aren't aware it has fallen off

5 Stars

Excellent product
November 16, 2011
5$ cheaper than the mini Daytona brush and works awesome on engine bays and wheels. Some report these break easier than the daytona from bending fatigue but mine is still going so far.

5 Stars

5 stars!
September 10, 2011
This brush is a great brush that brushes things other brushes can't brush. Seriously, it's a great product that will be used not only for my wheels, but also underneath the hood. 5 star rating!

5 Stars

Great brush
May 31, 2010
I have tried many brushes to clean narrow grooves on BMW wheels. This is the only brush that really works in the narrowest spots and in wider areas. Great product