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Nevr-Dull® Wadding Polish

Nevr-Dull®  Wadding Polish
Simply pinch off as much wadding as the job requires.

You’ve seen them – at the car shows – bike rally’s – or maybe you’ve just admired them on the road, how could you fail to notice the gleam of quick silver passing by! Yeah.... you’ve seen them, with chrome shining so hot it’s ice cold. Metal components that look as though they’ve been dipped in liquid diamonds. No doubt you’ve wondered what can possibly get metal into such sparkling mirror-slick condition. Chances are pretty good that if it caught your attention, caused your jaw to drop, and held your gaze like it was flirting with you... chances are it was treated with the pampering touch of Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish.... it’s that good!

This incredible wadding polishes using only solvents, no abrasives – which makes it extra gentle and perfect for all metals. You could even use this stuff to polish your silver and gold jewelry – but why would you want to waste it on something so frivolous when you could be polishing the chrome on your treasured car, truck or beloved bike! Hey, you gotta prioritize!

All joking aside; Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish has been highly respected for it’s consistent performance and stunning results by detailing pros for years. Nevr-Dull was also rated “the best value” in wadding type products and received a “recommended” rating by Classic Auto Restorer Magazine.

Use Nevr Dull on all metals; brass, copper, steel, pewter, chrome – even silver and gold! This is a “best value” product by any standard for its performance and affordability. Not to mention its ease of use. Using wadding is less messy than traditional polish, and you can adjust the amount of wadding you use to tailor fit your specific polishing job. Simply tear off a piece of the wadding - whatever size you need - a little goes a long way. Rub the wadding directly onto the metal and then use a clean, lint free cloth to wipe away the residue. You’ll be amazed at the intense shine you can achieve with Nevr-Dull.

There is real cleaning power in Nevr-Dull. It will remove rust, tar, and contaminants – all without scratching even delicate metal surfaces. Polish all your metals with Nevr-Dull - on your car, boat, truck, motorcycle and more!

You’ve seen them, and admired them – now achieve similar results with Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish!

Net wt. 5 oz.

Nevr-Dull® Wadding Polish
Item #: EO-104
Our Price: $5.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Nevr-Dull® Wadding Polish
5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
Williene Flot
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Never Dull
February 8, 2015
Thank you so much for expeditiously sending tis product.
It shines silver beautifully
It does get dull after awhile.

Buffalo Grove IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 7, 2014
We have a 1970 Cutlass with original trim and chrome. I read about Nevr-Dull on Autogeek and other sites. Considering the cost, I had to try it even if it didn't work. Wow....with a little buffing after use, the shine came back to my trim, bumpers and chrome trim rings! It does not remove swirls nor does it claim to but the shine and ease of use is worth the price of admission! Love it!!
Price, ease of use and removal

5 Stars

Never dull
November 26, 2012
I have used tons of metal polishing products but this is my Go to choice for cleaning and shining metal when detailing cars. If your looking for quality and value,, BUY This

Neil in Texas
5 Stars

June 3, 2012
Man this stuff is excellent and very cost effective...

5 Stars

Classic Norton
January 30, 2012
My ride started its life in 1973,and to this day thanks to Nevr-Dull it gleams better than new (i have to wear sunnies on bright days).I discovered Nevr-Dull 11years ago,but now is not available in New Zealand.

5 Stars

02 v-rod
February 24, 2011
great on shining up the chrome on my bike easy to use and remove

5 Stars

nevr-dull-wadding polish
October 7, 2010
five- stars

5 Stars

better than promised:)
July 13, 2009
not only is this product AMAZING for car care, but it works great for other metals aswell! i use it on everything.

5 Stars

Never use anything else
March 16, 2009
No matter how new or old your wheels or chrome pieces are this product will restore the shine and glamour you didn't think was possible. I shined up my original 1995 Ford Ranger wheels that had been neglected for years and years, they looked brand new-my friends asked me if I just got new was that good!!

5 Stars

nevr-dull polish
August 11, 2008
I received a can of the Nevr-Dull wadding polish as a gag gift for Christmas from my boss because he said when I am around there is never a dull moment. He told me that it really does work and I thought to myself sure it does, but guess what? It really does! My dad has chrome rims on his truck and they were tarnished from the brake dust. He tried everything to get it off with little success. I told him about the polish and we tried it and now they shine like brand new. We are both beyond impressed with this product and I will certainly buy it again whenever I need it. Thanks!

R Lozano
5 Stars

Great Product
March 31, 2008
Have used this for years on the H.D. spokes, rims, & pipes. Recently started useing on the 'vette exhaust tips and (my wife) even polished up some silver dinner ware & other assorted items a few weeks. We are both pleased with all the results.

5 Stars

Good Stuff
July 16, 2007
I use it on my my aftermarket exhaust. I have had it on for over 3 years now and sometimes people ask if I got a new exhaust.

Lauren T.
5 Stars

July 9, 2007
I used this just a bit to try, and already like it!! well worth it!

Brian G.
4 Stars

Good polish
May 2, 2007
Nevr-Dull works good on my chrome bumpers and trim. Keeps them shining! Very quick and easy to use, just pull off what you need and polish away.

4 Stars

April 26, 2007
My favorite metal polish. Shines my tail pipes up great!